Sam Waterston, Actor, Humanitarian, and Family Man

Sam is one of those lucky people who knew what they wanted to do since childhood. He got the acting bug at age 7, when he was cast as a page in a production directed by his father, George Chychele Waterston. He has starred on stage, screen, and television in a career that started in the 1960s. Those who only know him as Jack McCoy on Law and Order are missing out on the main body of his work. Check out the pages listing Sam's movie and stage appearances and read the reviews. And if you ever get a chance, go see him on stage. The experience is not one to be forgotten!

But besides being an actor, Sam has been involved with organizations that work to help others. He has been on the Board of Directors of Refugees International for over twenty years, has donated his time and talent to the PBS series The Visionaries, to the New York organization City Meals on Wheels, and many other organizations. And recently, he became the self-described "cheerleader" for Unity 08, a political group that is interested in using the netroots to build a political platform and to nominate candidates for national office.

When asked what he likes to do for recreation, Sam is most likely to say, "Hang around with my family." He has four children, all involved with acting-James Waterston has starred in the TV series Christy, Elisabeth Waterston has starred in stage productions in the Northeast, Katherine Waterston has starred in the movie The Babysitters as well as doing stage work, and Graham Waterston is directing and is part of a theater company in New York. Sam lives in northwest Connecticut with his lovely wife, the former model Lynn Louise Woodruff.

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