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Assorted information from various sources

If you aren't a regular reader of the Mattapoisett Standard-Times, you might find this article from July 2000 of interest. It was written by John Atkinson, and has been edited for brevity.

The scene on Water Street Saturday around 4 pm was right out of a movie as Jamie Waterston was being married in St. Philip's Episcopal Church adjacent to the public beach. Waiting outside the church was the six-piece Crackerjack Jazz Band, a Dixieland group from Dedham, ready to escort the wedding party and guests in a lively procession to the Waterston ancestral home. From there the group went to the reception at a private tennis club. The bride is Line Lillevik from Norway (James told the chat group she is getting a PhD in History). During the ceremony, the congregation was invited to sing one of the hymns in Norwegian. James!
Photo courtesy PAX-TV

In an NPR interview in 2000, when James was asked if there had been any rebellion between he and his father when he was growing up, James paused for a moment, and said to some degree there had, but that was a long time ago - at this point Sam jumped in to say he thought the fact that he and James both went to college prep schools at a time when they probably would have wrung their respective father's necks, sparing them some of the pain fathers and sons encounter, and that the headmaster from the school absorbed it instead.--thanks, noodle, for a good memory of the interview!

I thought it interesting that in this interview, Sam slipped and called his son "Jamie". You'll notice that is the name Mattapoisett knows him by as well. In his first film credit, Oppenheimer,he is billed as Jamie Waterston.

James Waterston is also on the Board of Directors of Providence Magazine, with circulation in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. He has contributed photographs to the magazine. His mother, Barbara Waterston, is the editor of the magazine, which calls itself "snazzy, jazzy, sassy, brassy...not too shabby".

James and his wife Line, who is now a history professor, reside in the New York City metropolitan area with their two children.

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