In the Eyes of the Buddha

(I like to use the phrase "Eyes of the Buddha", because it sounds authentic, ancient, mystical, and powerful. It doesn't mean my eyes are the "Eyes of the Buddha", but rather your eyes are, because you, yourself, are the buddha, or the saint to be.)


In the eyes of the Buddha there is no Time. There is no here and now, no past, no present, no future, no division. Times are as one: eternity.

Past: One can look into the past and see the causes of things, lessons to be learned, memories, and treasure of knowledge accumulated, inherited.

Present: Soon as one says, "now!", "now" has passed. "Now" does not mean anything if there is nothing happened. Now is both real and unreal. Now is real if one seizes it, realizes it, uses it. Now is unreal if one let time idle, wasted. Now is the time to do, to change, to make thing happens.

Future: One can look into the future and see things to come, to anticipate and prepare for. The fully enlightened ones can see into eternity and make detail plans far into it. As an example, when Jesus talked about the future, he mentioned: (1) The second coming of Jesus. (2) Many souls will be saved.  In Buddha's talk about the future, he predicted: (1) The coming of Maitreya buddha. (2) Everyone will be enlightened.  - Were they sounded in similarity? were the just the futuristic talks that Jesus and Buddha made up for their laughs, or were they the plans that have been laid out in details? Were Bodhidharma, Hui Neng, other patriachs life and works included as parts of these plans? Or were they irrelevant? Are these plans still on-going, or are they stopped?  One will clearly see the answers if one meditates up to certain ascending levels. Whatever it is, according to Jesus and Buddha talks, the following points are certain:  (1) Enlightenment is real and is achievable. (2) Enlightenment is common to everyone, every faith. (3) There will be a golden age when Enlightenment will be a common thing, and many enlightened persons will roam the earth. May be you will be one of them, may be it's a tough goal, but persistence will prevail.


In the Eyes of the Buddha there is no differences. There are no you - no me, no us - no them, no Jesus - no Buddha, no Christianity - no Buddhism.

Mother Teresa used to accept "dirty money" from the rich or "bad politicians", and spent it on the poor. When was questioned why accepted "dirty money", she answered that she tried "not to take side", because taking side means seeing the difference. And seeing the difference means one will favor one side more than the other. This, in turn will create a "love - hate" mentality cycle, and "hate" will stop her from feeling the true "Love" for all beings.

In Zen-buddhism they used to say "when you see the buddha, kill the buddha". To me, it was a Zen joke. If a person still sees himself different from a buddha (such as he sees there is Me, and there is a buddha out there, and the buddha is different from Me,) then he is not yet enlightened. And if he is not yet enlightened, he doesn't measure up to the buddha to kill the buddha. But if he is enlighened and can truly see the buddha, he will realize that ultimately the buddha is no different than himself, then he can't kill himself, or the buddha. So the Zen masters are only joking, of course.

In the eyes of the Buddha, you see no differences. You see no you, no me, no Jesus, no Buddha, no Christianity, no Buddhism. If one still sees the differences, still favors one side, still falls in the "love - hate" cycle, one is still afar from enlightenment. The trick is to see not one, not two, not the same, not difference.


1. If there are things I can remind myself, the first thing I would like to be reminded always is to be honest with myself. Because if there is no honesty, there is no truth to be found. If there is no truth, there is no enlightenment ever happened. Then I will only lie to myself and everyone else, and all I strive for will be to serve my ego. Pathetic me.

2. Humility and respect are the virtues in meditation. Humility and respect will lead you to a deep realization of the meanings of all things in life. Try to express humility in your gesture, your eyes, you talk, your walk, things you do. Show the respects to all people, all good conceptions, all things around you. You will see the eyes of the buddha staring at you. You will see life through the eyes of the Buddha.

3. There is time to learn, time to play, time to work, time to rest, time to joke, time to be serious, time to stay together, time to be in solitude. All are needed and all are to be used wisely. Don't mix them up, don't try to do them all at once, or they will be counter-productive, and nothing will get done.
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