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Alrighty, here comes the boring stuff. This is only necessary to read if you are one of those people who like to try and sue people, you believe I have taken something from you against your will, believe I have claimed something of yours as my own, or, of course...You happen to have a stick up your butt.

This layout is the sole property of Lycentia at ~*~ Lycentia's Sm Web Graphics Shop ~*~, if you believe it to be your own please take it up with her, because I had nothing to do with it. I do not claim this layout as my own, only its contents. I couldn't make a layout if I tried, so don't even try and pull some crap like that.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi, and its distributors. All Rights Reserved. I don't own Sailor Moon nor am I acting like I do, it would be cool if I did, but not so much.
All of the recipes in the Kitchen came from Food Network, none of them are my own and good job to the chefs that make our lives that much easier.
The clothes on the Fashion Station came from Dillard's, JCPennys, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and Rave...but mostly Charlotte Russe.
All of the cartoons, movies, music, TV shows and songs in the Entertainment Room are the sole properties of those who own and created them. All Rights Reserved.
The majority of the pics on the Cool Pics page came from The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser and their creator, who isn't me, has sole ownership thereof. The others came from, an Anime group on Yahoo! and the message board at ~*~ Lycentia's Sm Web Graphics Shop ~*~. All Rights Reserved to all the afore mentioned.
The testimony on the Faith and Testimony page is mine, all mine. Those are my words, from my heart, spoken about my experiences about my relationship with God. Only use them, if you ask first.
All of the writings and surveys in Express Yourself are property of their owners, including but not limited to, the poetry and FanFics. Using them without the owners permission is not only rude but against copy right laws in the United States and Internationally, don't do something stupid. The links are from outside sources and I have no control over what they chose to place on their site, if you have a problem with it, take it up with them and don't go to their site anymore. Just don't complain to me about it. The Psycho thing in Random was found via While it does not belong to Geekular, that's how I found it and am under the impression that the site where it was obtained is an affiliate of Geekular. The Words of Wisdom are property of Hedwig that is her advice from her heart placed there by God Almighty. While I did ask the questions, which were totally random, the responses to those questions were her own doing and she had full discretion on how she could answer, take it up with her if you don't like the answer, or just don't ask.
All pictures in every gallery/photo album/page with pictures on this site are mine!!! If you would like to use them you must ask before removing them from the ~Palace~ or you will suffer legal consequences. The photos were taken by me, given to me or were asked to be taken by me, as a result of this, they are my ownership, once in my possession, any ownership to these pictures by an outside party is null and void (They ain't yours NO more!). The photos that are placed here within were given to me either by the person in the picture or by the person who took the picture. If you are in the picture and do not want your picture on my site, then you need to contact the person who took, for they gave me permission to use it and in doing so gave me ownership of this picture. If you don't like your face plastered on the Internet, then I suggest you stop taking pictures, or go download Adobe Photoshop Pro and alter your pictures accordinlgy.
All the games are property of their respective creators. I didn't make them; I just used their codes. After searching for links to use to give them credit for their work, none was found.
My DeadJournal contains my thoughts and emotions, if you don't want to read them, see them or "hear" them, then don't go and read it. I'm not forcing you to do anything and any attempts on your part to state that I have, will or did, are ridiculous and by going to that site you agree to the above mentioned. DeadJournal itself is property of its creators and owners and I have no ownership whatsoever of that server, website, thingy.
All of the pictures on Joe's Skate Page were found by him. If upon looking at them, you come to realize that proper credit is not given to you for your work, whether taking the picture or doing the trick, then please send it to me. If that's not enough for you and you still have beef after that please e-mail him and gripe at him. I don't want to hear it if I had nothing to do with it and anything that occurs there after your e-mailing of him, is your own fault, not mine, and in doing so you agree to not come back whining to me about it.
Any and all credits to be given on this site are given and can be found on the Credits Page. If a credit is not listed or cannot be found on that page, that is due to the fact that after much searching for a link to the page not listed, there was not one to be found and as a result of that no acknowledgement is given. By allowing your possessions to be placed in public view where they may or may not be subject to removal from your site and do not have proper buttons, links or banners to allow outside members to link back to your site, you are demanding that no credit be given to you for your work and have no right to complain. If you have recently created banners or buttons to your site and would like one or more to be placed within the ~Palace~ please send them in and they will be placed in the proper place.
If you are un-happy with my terms of service and want to complain about them, seeing how you can't change them since it is my site, then you are more than welcome to go to the message board and complain about me all you want, I don't care mind you, but whatever makes you feel better.
Being at this site implies that you have read and agree to the rules listed above and any whining you do here after or questions you asked that have already been answered here within will be ignored and you will be placed on the Flame Board. Not only that but you are subject for proper reprimanding.
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