Well, you're eather here because you want to advertise in my ebook or you want to support me by clicking on my advertisements.
Well, if you want to support me, at the bottom of this page are all the different advertisements you can click on. I'll explain each one and remember, I don't put up affiliates I don't endorse.
If you're here to advertise in my ebook, welcome. As of the moment I am writing this, I do not have a clear cut rate set up. You can e-mail me with an idea about how much you'll pay as well as what product or company you're advertising. The number one clear cut rule is going to be no porn. I won't advertise porn within my e-books. I will advertise other things, but I will need to see what it is first.
If you wish to wait till I decide on a pricing, it's going to be something to the effect of how many surveys I get back plus how much money I make divided by 2 and then I'll check with an advertising company to see how much they charge for that amount of viewings and undercut them by 10% to 50%. In eather case, e-mail me at

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