PT 61-Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three


Lt. Hugh M. Robinson USN                          Boat Captain/Squadron Commander MTBRON 3 (Nov.’42/Jan ’43)
Ens. Joseph C. Kernell                                  Executive Officer (later Boat Captain)
QM1/c Sawyer                                             Quartermaster
TM1/c Alfred R. Norwood USN                    Torpedoman
GM1/c Benjamin F. Parrish                           Gunnery
RM1/c Hamilton                                           Radioman
CMM Arthur Stuffert                                    Engineering
MM1/c Shaw                                               Engineering
MM1/c Jeans                                               Engineering
SC1/c Koval                                                Ship’s Cook

13 Sept.                       Hoisted aboard skids on SS Joseph Stanton.
13 Oct.                        Arrived in Noumea.
16 Oct.                        Waterborne
20 Oct.                        Underway for Espiritu Santo under tow of USS Trevor.
22 Oct.                        Arrived Espiritu.
23 Oct.                        Departed for Tulagi, towed by USS Trevor.
25 Oct.                        Arrived Tulagi, patrol that night-no contact.
26 Oct.                        Patrol-no contact.
28 Oct.                        Patrol-no contact.
29 Oct.                        Patrol-no contact.
31 Oct.                        Patrol-no contact, struck reef.
2 Nov.                         Patrol-no contact.
4 Nov.                         Patrol-no contact.
6-7 Nov.                      Patrol-no contact.
8 Nov.                         Patrol-enemy contact, Japanese shell blew off bow of boat.
21 Nov.                       Work on bow completed.
27 Nov.                       Patrol-no contact
2 Dec.                         Patrol-no contact.
4 Dec.                         Patrol-no contact.
8 Dec.                         0500-0815hrs. Anti-submarine patrol.
8-9 Dec.                      Patrol-no contact
11 Dec.                       Patrol-Lt. Charles E. Tilden in command. Ran aground.
12 Dec.                       Towed off by PC boat.
13 Dec-30 Jan. 43        Laid up, out of commission
2 Feb.                         Picked up six men out of water six miles East of Savo Island.
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