PT 46-Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three
August 1942-February 1943


Lt.(jg) Henry S. Taylor                   Boat Captain
Ens. Stanley C. Thomas                 Executive Officer
TM1/c Hobart D. Wisdom             Torpedoman
MM1/c R.C. Barnard                     Engineering
MM1/c H.P. Peterson                    Engineering
RM2/c W.E. Purvis                       Radioman
GM2/c Teddy S. Kuharski             Gunnery
QM1/c Boyd G. Kleinworth           Quartermaster
Bkr1/c Henry D. Bracy                  Ship’s Cook
MM2/c C.F. Keifer                        Engineering

27 Aug. 1942                            Hoisted aboard USS Lackawanna, bound for Noumea, New Caledonia.
19 Sept.                                    Arrived at Noumea.
29 Sept.                                   Waterborne
7 Oct.                                      Underway for Espiritu Santo, in tow of USS Bellatrix.
                                               Ships in convoy:
                                               USS Aaron Ward
                                               USS Bellatrix
                                               USS Alchiba
                                               USS Jamestown (MTB tender) and Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three.
10 Oct.                                     0730 hrs. Arrived at Espiritu Santo.
                                                Departed for Tulagi under tow of USS Hovey
12 Oct.                                     Arrived Tulagi.
14 Oct.                                     0310-0320 hrs. Engaged enemy ships firing on Guadalcanal.
19-20 Oct.                                Patrol-no contact.
22 Oct.                                     Patrol-no contact.
24 Oct.                                     Patrol-no contact.
26-27 Oct.                                Patrol-no contact.
29 Oct.                                     Patrol-enemy contact.
30 Oct.                                     Patrol-no contact.
1-3 Nov.                                   Patrol-no contact. Collided with PT 38 on 3 Nov.
13 Nov.                                    Patrol. Escorted USS Portland, sighted gunfire from
                                                unidentified ships, launched three torpedoes. Retired behind smoke,
                                                observed hits on enemy vessel.
14 Nov.                                     Patrol. Observed naval battle north of Guadalcanal.
15 Nov.                                     Patrol-no contact.
19 Nov.                                     Patrol-no contact.
20 Nov.                                     Patrol-sighted ship off Kokumbona (friendly?)
22-29 Nov.                                Patrol-no contact.
1 Dec.                                       0340 hrs. Escort to USS Bobolink.
                                                 0500 hrs. Escort to USS Minneapolis.
3 Dec.                                       Grounded
12-13 Dec.                                 Drydocked
19 Dec.                                      Patrol-sighted unidentified ship off Tassafaronga, no hits—made escape.
                                                 Served as screening vessel for PT 40. (Ship was later determined to be
                                                 transport hulk aground on a reef.)
21 Dec                                       Patrol-no contact.
22 Dec.                                      Patrol-starboard engine V-drive freezes.
23 Dec.                                      Patrol-Returned to port unable to keep station.
24 Dec.                                      Patrol-Ens. Jim Mountcastle in command. Sighted enemy vessel,
                                                 fired four torpedoes, reversed course. Observed flash on target.
25-26 Dec.                                 Patrol, no contact.
29-30 Dec.                                 Patrol, no contact.
1-2 Jan. 43                                 Patrol, no contact.
5 Jan.                                         Patrol, no contact.
8 Jan.                                         Patrol-observed bomb flashes 5 miles west of Savo I.

10 Jan.                                       Patrol-fired three torpedoes at enemy ship, made escape.
                                                  Hot run in port after tube. Picked up three survivors of PT 112.
14 Jan.                                       Patrol. Sighted enemy ship, fired two torpedoes, retired behind smoke,
                                                  results undetermined.
19-22 Jan.                                   Patrol-no contact.
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