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Reality Creation 101

Reality creation means just that: Creating your own reality. Just how far can you take that concept? As far as your mind can reach. You've already created everything in your life so far; your physical features, your financial situation, your job, your love life. You've been doing it so far without even realizing it. You created yourself.

You weren't given the body you are in now, you created it. You chose your parents and planned your entrance. Any physical "defects" that you were born with, were challenges you chose yourself for this lifetime for your own reasons. You were the one who decided your nationality and your race.

Every confrontation with another person started with you. Each time you felt you were a victim in a situation, when you were suddenly fired from your job or betrayed by a friend or even mugged was of your own creation. There really are no victims, contrary to what our victimized society believes.

You created all the good things in your life, too. That's why some seem to live "charmed" lives. They take it for granted that things will go well for them; their lives follow their beliefs. It's why you may be flat-broke but in good health, while your neighbor never seems to run out of money but has chronic health problems.

Now, knowing all of this should make you realize that if you've been doing all that already, without really thinking about it, imagine what you can do if you apply your conscious mind to it. This is where it can start to get a bit tricky, because your own reality is not only colored by, but also created by your beliefs. You now need to recognize that what you previously accepted as "fact" is a product of your beliefs. Anything that you don't like in your life is a product of a belief you will want to discard.

As you peel away these beliefs, one-by-one, replace them with ones that you would prefer to have. You will move closer and closer to the type of life that you want to live. Then you will be doing what you have always done; creating your reality. - This time, though, you can do it consciously and deliberately and create the reality you desire

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