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Dreams are the doorway to our true selves...

Dreams have always been a source of fascination for me. As diverse as they may be, they are the an activity that we consistently indulge in on a nightly basis from infancy to old age. Even when we can't quite remember them, their essences haunt our waking lives

"The dream world is indeed a natural by-product of the relationship between the inner self and the physical being. Not a reflection, therefore, but a by-product involving not only a chemical reaction but the transformation of energy from one state to another." ---Seth

"Almost every individual has had bizarre experiences with consciousness, and knows intuitively that their greater experience is not to physical reality. Most dreams are like animated postcards brought back form a journey that you have returned from and largely forgotten." ---Seth

You won't find any "dream dictionaries" on this page. The only person who can truly decipher a dream is the dreamer.

The first step in understanding your dreams is to start recording them. There are various methods for doing this, but the important thing is that you do it first thing in the morning.

Below are some tips that I find helpful with my dreams:

  • Keep a note pad or tape recorder by your bed.
  • Jot down or record your dream(s) immediately upon waking.
  • Don't try to relate it like a story, i.e. in chronological order, just whatever pops into your head.
  • Don't try to be neat or pretty at this point (Who's pretty first thing in the morning, anyhow?), just jot down any and all keywords at this point.
  • Later, you can record your dream your a dream journal. This is where you add all the details and embellishments. Be sure to write down your feelings and impressions.
  • Record colors, names, anything that you can recall.
  • If a dream has left you in a particular mood for the day, try to note your feelings.
  • Use journaling software to record your dreams.

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