Getting to Know The Little Girl

A long time ago, there was a baby.  She was born to a family that was mostly like any other family.  Trouble started for this little girl right away after going home from the hospital.  Her parents were young, although that is no excuse.  The nipple of her bottle didn't have a big enough hole in it and she wasn't getting much if any milk.  She cried, and cried, day and night for 4 days.  Finally the family took her back to the hospital, hoping they could find out what was wrong with their baby.  One of the nurses saw the bottle that they were trying to feed the baby with and ask to see it.  She told them she found the problem, the hole was too small to let any milk get through.  The nurses gave the family a new nipple for the bottle, gave the bottle to the baby, she was very happy, she was so hungry that she ate and ate and ate.
When the baby was only a week old the family decided to move to a home about 2 hours away.  Now, I would think the baby had been through enough by now already, but to move her when she was still so young and so weak......

Oh well, they were young parents, what did they know..........

The little girl seemed to be happy enough, she had her puppy, Cricket, whom she followed everywhere.....including through the field one day to chase a rabbit while her mom had gone up the road to check the mail.  Not a good plan.  Her mom came back from the mailbox to find her child missing.  She called and called for her, but she didn't hear her and didn't see her.  She ran to the tadpole pond, fearing that her child had fallen in.  Then she heard giggling, where was it coming from?  She looked and looked, then she got into the car and get to the little girls grandparents house.  They lived on the hill above where the little girl lived.  She could see as she drove up the long drive a little cotton top head bobbing in the field.  She had found her child!
She reached the house about the same time the little girl did, first she grabbed her up and held her close, thankful that she had  not drowned in the pond, then she was very upset and even angry.  The little girl hid behind her Granny, holding tight to her dress tail.  She had already been in trouble before, she knew that when her Daddy got home from work she would be in trouble again.  The grandmother tried to tell her mother that all is well, the child is not hurt and to be thankful that she is safe.

How could anyone want to punish a child this cute? 

As most toddlers her age, she was very energetic and loved to have her picture taken.  Her grandmother took care of that, she always had her camera within reach, if not already in her hand at all times.  Except of course when someone else was taking the picture of the proudest grandparents west of the Mississippi.
Look's like Mom's shadow wanted in the picture too!

If there was anything she loved more than flowers, we don't know what it was at this point.  Her granny had all kinds of flowers planted around her house.  There were cock's combs, nasturtiums, hybiscus, iris, gladiolia, and her all favorite petunia.  She loved how when she would sniff of the petunia it would wrap itself around the outside of her nose. A very silly little girl she was.
The cowboy boots were a must! 

Over the years the little girl had gotten in lots of experiences; she was a cotton picker,
a fisherman, and she even learned to fly an airplane (that didn't last very long tho).


The little girl seemed to be happy on the outside, but on the inside she wasn't very happy.  She seemed to not be able to do anything right for her daddy.  He was a very strong man and she feared him greatly.

When the little girl was about 7 years old the daddy started touching her in a way he shouldn't.  This made her very unhappy, but because she feared him so and because he
told her that if she told anyone they would be in lots of trouble, she kept it inside herself.

Because of the physical abuse she had already been suffering and now the sexual abuse she was going through the little girl started creating others to help her when this would happen.  At first there were maybe just a few, just someone she could push to the outside to take the abuse and then pull back inside when it was over.  The longer the abuse went on the more she had to create.

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