ANTI-GORDON. This site is hillarious if you hate Jeff Gordon.
DUKE UNIVERSITY. Dedicated to my team, The Blue Devils.
THE POTTY PUTTER. A true modern marvel.
80'S PAGE. I am a child of the eighties.
LINKS. These are really good sites I reccomend, not a bunch-o-crap!
You are now at my NEW homepage thanks to Yahoo!
Way to go Yahoo!
Anyway i had so many visitors i had to do a little re-tooling and find some ways to cut the corners. However while i was playing around i learned alot more about this junk and got a much cleaner, better looking site i believe.
I am in the process of cleaning up all my sites and (at least trying) making them look a little more professional- you know, because i make so much money at this!
You need Java to see this applet.
By the way, i was being stupid on here the other day and lost my lesbian quiz for the ladies. I will try to find the coding for it and have it up ASAP, we all need to know who the lesbians are!
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