Forbidden Thoughts © Spanish class has never been more fun when AJ McLean is your teacher. By: Janis

Jealousy © Kevin's temper gets the better of him once again when he sees his girlfriend and best friend on the dace floor. By Kit

Kev & Kat Vampire fantasy ©
Its Halloween night. Kat and Kevin get home from a party and learn thats its fun to dress up. By Nat

Let The Games Begin © Nick, Kim, Callie,and Brian get into a game of Truth Or Dare...but one things for sure this isn't the one you played as a kid. Email Kimberly at

Loath At First Sight © Jade has been trying to get into the music business for 10 years. When she does she finds out that some people aren't to happy by how she went about it. Especially one Kevin Richardson. By Nat

Lost and Found © The sequel to This Magic Moment © After months of looking will Joey finally get what he wants? By Shannon email me and I will pass it on to her.

Make Me Bad © Nsync shows there girlfriends just how bad they want it. By Shannon Email me and I will pass it on to her.

Moonlit Walk © Its Denise 21st birthday and every thing is just great until boyfriend Kevin gets drunk. What happens when there heading home walking along the beach. by Nat

On The Road© This is the 3rd story in the Video series. Kevin meets Carin at a mall and its love at first sight...but there is one thing that could end that love. Email mj riley at

The Game© You meet AJ in a hotel bar You both go up to his room for a night cap only AJ has a lot more in mind the just adrink. By Nat

The Video © BSB are shooting there next video when AJ meets Angela. The sexual tention is so think between the two that by the time lunch comes around everyone is feeling it. Email mj riley at

This Magic Moment © Joey's girlfriend cant handle the Nsync life style and leaves him. Feeling alone and lost Joey gets help from the last place he would expect it. By Shannon email me and I will pass it on to her.

Until we meet again© Phone calls and letter between Kevin and Alec lead you up until they can be together again. Email Heather at

What a Girl Wants © Carrie, Shannon and Amber go to a Nsync show and get more then they paid for. By Shannon email me and I will pass it on to her.

What Watermelons Were Really Invented For © Its a hot summer day and Kevin and Tinas love for watermelons takes them to a new level. Email Suz at

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