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New Storys

Anytime © Joey is having a hard time leaving Shanonn at home and doing his Job. Can his firends help him out of the funk hes in? By Shannon email me and I will pass it on to her.

Jumpin, Jumpin © Girls Night out baby! Shannon, Carrie, Amber, Leighanne, Kristen, and Kristy. How will the guys and Joey handle the night with out them?? By Shannon email me and I will pass it on to her.

AJ's Pet© Maria and AJ meet at and club and she decides to go home with him. Little dose she know she just mad a mistake that will ruin the rest of her life. Email Michelle at mmr1879@hotmail.com

A Night of Ecstasy © Brian finaly lets Sara know how he feels about her. Email Navy at krystal_lite5@hotmail.com

A Love So Strong © Janis and Kevin have been best friends for years. Janis finaly leaves Hawaii to go see him and spend a month with him. What will she find in Orlando? Will her and AJ fall in love or will it be cut short by Shawn. By Janis and Celbie email me and I will pass it to them.

A Night To Remember© Matt and Doug win tickets to see the Backstreet Boys. After the show they are brought backstage to meet Nick and Brian. Little do any of them know that the others are thinking the same things about each other. Email Matt at dionysus@biosys.net

Bad Girls © Kat, Joy, and Sharie are locked up for very things and do not want to good. They get sent to wing BSB and thats where they learn that they should never disobey the guards again. By Nat

The Birthday Present © Its Kats Birthday and Howie has a surprise for here. Its one that she wont be for getting any time soon. By Nat

Candy Man © You get a late night phone call from Kevin. He wants you to come over and hes got a surprise for you. What could it be? posiclegirl74@hotmail.com

The Choice© Part two of The Video series. This story talks about how Nick and Howie and how they got together and what AJ and Kevin think about it. Email mj riley at melanjea_bsb@yahoo.com

Childhood Games © Howie and Amber are old childhood friends. When she fly’s out to see him, he decides to finish what she started when they were kids. Rosy  at booshug@yahoo.com

Dirty Dancing © Nora gets some very special dance lessons from Kevin. What will her boyfriend AJ do when he sees what has gone on between his love and his best friend. Email Meri at bsblover81@hotmail.com

Doing Them All© Would you like to know what happens after a BSB show. Well one lucky fan gets to see how the guys like to party after there show. By Nat

Duck Boy © He may look like your normal Backstreet boy but when your in trouble Just shout his name and he will come flying in to save the day. By: Beth eb.longa@worldnet.att.net and Mandy BckstGrly@aol.com

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