A Night of Ecstasy

A Night of Ecstasy ©

By: Navy krystal_lite5@hotmail.com
A/N: Most of the rooms, if not all, are...I don't think....logical. This is a fantasy type story so if it sounds un-real, that's probably because it is...enjoy! BTW, this NEVER happened, never will.... Story has sex in it.

Sara moved with a quick pace across the floor. She was off work, but she decided to
stay at the dance studio a little late to get down this dance.

Dancing With a Rich Man (R.Kelly) blared throughout the studio on repeat. She moved
sensually and gracefully to the music. The room was dimly lit and quiet except for the
sound of Sara moving and the music.

Sara was so engulfed in her dancing that she didn't even notice the double doors to the studio
open and shut. She continued to dance and move, but stopped when she
noticed a figure leaning against the desk. She couldn't make out the figure very
well, but could tell that it was a man.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked.

Sara moved closer to the man as she caught her breathing. "Uh, do you need something?"
she asked.

"Yeah. You," he replied and pulled Sara close to him by the waist. He started to dance in
front of her still holding her by the waist. Sara picked up on the dance he started.

"You sure you know what your doing?," she asked watching him.

"I'm very well aware or what I'm doing," he replied moving with her deeper into the room.

"O.K.," was all she said as they continued to dance.

They moved closer together as they moved if that was at all possible. The dance they did was
very sensual and added a bit of tension between the two as they moved.They
danced until they were both tired and stopped in the middle of the floor.

Sara started to take a few steps back but Brian pulled her closer to him by the waist and
forcefully kissed her. He wanted to do that since he met Sara. She had been working with
the guys with a Latin dance for a song that they were going to do. Brian had been
attracted to her and loved to watch her dance wondering what it would be like to make
love to her. Sara was attracted to Brian as well, but didn't want to mix business
with pleasure, but with Brian, that was very difficult.

Sara pressed herself against Brian's body and grabbed the back of his neck pulling him closer
to her.

"He smells so good" she thought.

Brian pulled her across the floor, never breaking the kiss, until he felt his back up against the
desk that was more like a counter. He lifted Sara up onto the desk and parted her
legs with his hands so that he could be closer to Sara.

He finally broke the kiss, but only to remove the white camisole that she wore.

"Ya know...", she breathed. "If... we... do this... it'll change everything between us, "she said
between breaths.

"Good," was all Brian said.

"Oh God. You are not going to make this easy are you?," she asked as he kissed her neck.

"Well, that all depends on you. How easy are you?," he asked as he kissed her mouth again.
His tongue grazed her bottom lip and Sara accepted.

After a few minutes of intense kissing, Sara finally said "You keep doing that and you'll see
how easy I am."

With that, Sara felt herself being lifted off the desk and being pulled towards the door as she
reached for her shirt.

Brian rung for the elevator and waited.

"Um, what was that for?," Sara asked.

"Shhh...," Brian whispered as the bell rung as the doors opened. Once inside, Brian gently
pressed her body against the back of the elevator and ran his hand softly up Sara thigh,
stopping just above her center. He kissed her so softly and sweetly.

She didn't have a clue as to what was going to happen to her, but didn't mind. Brian was a
major turn on to her and even turned into a weakness.


"Come on," Brian said taking her hand. They walked outside and got in Brian's car."I'll bring
you back tomorrow to get your car," he said driving off.

"Hum, what the hell are we going to do until tomorrow?", she wondered to herself.

They drove in silence until they got to Brian's home.

"Um, Brian, what's going on?", she asked wondering what was going to happen.

"I planned something for us," he said as he turned off the car.

Sara laughed and asked "Well what would have happened if I didn't come or said no?", she

"Um, well, I would have tried harder I guess," he said getting out the car and walking over to
her side to let her out.

Once inside the house, Sara stood in awe. He had lit vanilla scented candles that lead to
another room down the hall.

"Brian, you didn't....," she began, but realized that Brian wasn't behind her anymore. "Um,
Brian? Where the hell'd you go?," she asked walking off to another side room. The
only place that the room lead to was another way to get to the end of the hall where the
candles were.

Crack! Lightning. Rain.

The candle lit room and the dances of the lightning bolts made the mood all the more exotic
to Sara. She took of her shoes and began to search again.

"Shit Brian. Where are you?," she whispered to herself. "You lookin' for me?,"
came his voice.

Sara looked over into the room where his voice came from. He was standing beside a candle
lit table with only his Nike sweat pants on and a wife-beater shirt (man i love those!).

"Yeah. Hey you," she said seductively.

"Hey yourself. Now come here," he said as he sat down in the chair at the table. He held his
arms open and waited for Sara to sit down on his lap. He took a fork off the table
and picked up a small piece of cheese cake with it and held it. He slowly brought
the fork to Sara's mouth and feed her the cake (my
personal weakness).

"Oh God. How long has it been since I've had this. Chocolate cheese cake. How did he know
that's my favorite?" she wondered as she closed her eyes and just savored the
taste of it melting in her mouth.

"You like that?," he asked watching her as he lightly kissed her shoulder.

"You have no idea," she said. "Yeah, I do. Heather told me you had a thing for it," he said as
he continued to feed her.

After the cake, he lifted her off his lap and took her hand and lead her out of the room into

She was in love with this room. It had a single fire place, lit; more candles; and no furniture.
Only huge pillows covering the floor. The ceiling was made of glass windows and the
rain danced playfully on it's top.

He pulled her down on the pillows with him in front of the fire and they began to talk. They
talked for what seemed like hours. She learned so much about Brian. She was
more attracted to him now than she was earlier. The same as for Brian. He wanted her badly,
but was enjoying this.

It was getting later into the evening and Brian started to gently caress Sara's face and pulled
her in for a kiss. Sara moaned as his tongue entered her mouth. He propped
himself of his elbows as Sara rolled onto her back and deepened the kiss. They kissed deeply
and intensely.

Brian broke the kiss and pulled her off the floor. He continued to kiss her as he lead her
through the house till they reached the stairs that had candles spiralling up them. He
broke the kiss again so that she could see where she was going.

Once at the top of the stairs, he took her hand and lead her down the hall to where she
figured was his bedroom. He closed the door behind him and just stared at Sara. Her
deep green gaze staring right back into the blue gaze. He slowly moved closer to her
body and pulled her close to him by her waist. He gently kissed her mouth again, almost
like a peck.

Sara smiled at him as he began to lead her across the room into the bathroom.

The tub was filled with bubbles and had more candles surrounding it giving the bathroom it's
only light besides the lightning flashing through the storm outside.

He hooked his fingers in the straps of Sara's top and pulled it off. Sara's brown hair came
falling down around her as he lifted it off. Sara pulled Brian's shirt up from the
bottom and lifted his or his head. Brian smiled at Sara as she smiled back. He
moved a little closer to her, pressing his body against hers, as he unhooked the bra she was
wearing and slid it slowly off her shoulders.

Sara was too busy kissing his neck to realize she was as topless as Brian was and stood back
a little when she realized she was.

Brian began to kiss his way down her body stopping briefly at her breasts. He inhaled the
smell of her warm body and kissed in between her breast before moving to each one
sucking and biting gently at her. Sara bent her head back and ran her hands through
Brian's hair as he proceeded to please her.

Brian enjoyed the taste, the softness of her body. He loved the way the flames from the candles made her skin glow as they danced across her body. He let his tongue trail it's way down her toned body. He reached the small ring in her belly button and ran his tongue along the metal. The metallic taste wrapped it self in the sweetness of Sara's body causing an erotic taste to flood his mouth. He playfully tongued her belly button making Sara giggle in between her moans. Brian pulled softly at her ring before he began to let his tongue trail lower,tasting every inch of bare soft skin that he came across.

He wondered before how she would taste to him. He kneeled in front of her and kissed her
center. Sweet. Just how he imagined she would. Sara gasped deeply when she felt his
tongue on her clit. She grabbed the back of his neck and threw her head back as he
entered her with his tongue. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out as he
worked. Brian felt her tense and stood up in front of her. Sara lifted her head and stared
at him with a look of disappointment on her face.

"Not yet," Brian whispered pulling her to the tub.

He finished undressing himself as well as Sara and got in first. He pulled Sara in by her

waist and pulled her down in the water and positioned her in between his legs so
that she could rest on him. He pushed her back off of his chest and made her scoot up a
little bit. He pulled Sara's hair up and placed it over her right shoulder. Sara felt his
hands on her back. Brian took some soap and began to wash Sara's back. He rinsed her
back off and kissed her lightly on her shoulder before making her face him.

Sara faced Brian and stared at his eyes. She could lose herself easily staring at him.

"Stand up for me," Brian said softly.

Sara stood to her feet. Brian stared up at her body watching the suds flow down her body and
swirl around her legs. He reached up and pulled himself up as well. He took more soap
and hand washed her body. He washed every inch paying more attention in washing her
most sensitive areas. Sara moaned his name as he lathered her up. She closed her eyes
not wanting to see,just to feel. Brian rinsed Sara's body off and got out of the tub. He
grabbed a towel and began to towel her off. He gently dried off her areas not wanting to
spark her again.

Once she was dry, Sara took the time to dry Brian off. Brian took her hand and lead her into
his bedroom again where he lead her to the bed. He gently laid her down on the ivory
satin sheets. Sara loved the feel of the soft cool silkiness of the sheets against her bare

Brian watched Sara lay back against the pillows and close her eyes. Sara felt him move off
the bed and opened her eyes. She looked around and didn't see Brian.

"Shit. Not again. Why do you keep doing this?," she asked getting frustrated. She began to
get off the bed, but felt a pair of hands pull her back.

"Where'd you go now?," she asked.

"Shhh... just wait," Brian whispered in her ear. Sara felt chills run through her body.

Brian lifted her arms above her head and kissed her earlobe, sucking gently. Sara moaned in
pleasure. Brian had made her feel things she'd never felt before in her life. Little did she
know, Brian was just getting started.

She then felt something soft wrap around her wrists and being tied. Sara tried to turn around
to face Brian, but he kept her from doing so.

"Brian, what are you doing?," she asked feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Brian just laughed and kept doing what he was doing. Sara then felt the same softness
around her face and seeing everything go black. She wanted to take the blind fold off,
but couldn't because her hands were tied. She tried to wiggle loose, but Brian tied too
tight. She then felt him move again and tried to locate him, but was only swinging at air.
She let out a frustrated groan.

Here she was. Naked, frustrated, and tied up no less. She then felt Brian's hands on her
shoulders as he laid her back. Sara was getting ready to learn to see and feel with her
mind. She never knew how important her eyes and hands were till now. She let out a
breath realizing she might as well let go. She couldn't win.

Brian, on the other hand, was eating it up. He loved the fact that he was daring enough to get
this type of power over a woman.

Sara wondered why nothing was happening to her and whispered Brian's name.

"I'm right here baby. Just try to relax, okay?," he whispered back. Sara nodded her head and
tried to relax like he told her to. She was just beginning to until she felt something wet
on her stomach.

Brian saw her tense and told her to relax. It was just oil. He began to massage it into her
skin. He massaged every inch of her front.

Sara by now was so caught up in ecstasy, she didn't care about anything anymore. Just being
with Brian and to feel what she felt was all she needed right then.

Brian lifted her back off the bed and positioned her so that she was sitting up again. She then
felt Brian's hands on her back massaging her again. Sara bent her head so that it was
resting on Brian's as he kissed her shoulders and neck. He massaged her back and
whispered things in her ear causing Sara to become extremely desperate for him. Brian
wanted to please Sara as much as he could but was also wanting to connect with Sara in
another way.

He finished massaging and pushed her back down onto the bed.

"How the hell am I supposed to repay you Brian?," she asked. After all this, she could never
make up for it.

"Just give me you," he said before he kissed her forcefully causing Sara to moan.

Brian moved down lower once again and began to suck hungrily at Sara's breast biting and
sucking as if he was tasting her for the last time. Sara couldn't take much more of this
but tried to hold back.

That plan was out the window when she felt Brian's fingers enter her. Sara screamed out as
she felt Brian do this. Brian continued to kiss his way down her body again. Sara had
enjoyed all the candles before, but her body was so hot, they weren't doing a damn thing
for her except make her hotter causing her to sweat.

Brian continued to kiss her and enjoyed every bit of what he was doing. He loved the feel of
her wet skin and her squirming at his touch. He moved his fingers quickly inside her
deciding to let her come this time and rubbed her clit with his thumb while he
fingered her.

Sara's breathing was leaving her fast as she began to feel herself tense. Brian stopped
rubbing her and removed his fingers from within her. Sara let out a groan when he
stopped but yelped when she felt his tongue replacing his fingers. Brian tasted her
sweetness again, but this time he re-inserted his fingers and worked again. Sara
squirmed and moaned as Brian made love to her with his mouth. He continued to suck
and bite Sara until she just couldn't take it anymore.

"Let it go. Just let it go," he coaxed her.

Sara did exactly that. "God Brian! Please don't stop, please!" she pleaded.

Brian obliged and didn't stop until she came screaming his name. Brian watched Sara catch
her breath. Her chest moving up and down as she panted for air. "God you are so
beautiful," he said kissing her forehead.

"I... didn't... know you could.... how did you...... oh god...," she breathed.

Brian smiled to himself and untied Sara. She had to blink a few times to get her eyes focused
and ran her finger along Brian's jawbone before she pulled him down to kiss him. Brian
caressed her thigh as he kissed her. He placed her leg around his waist as he entered her
slowly. Sara moaned against his kiss as he did so and wrapped her legs tightly around
Brian's waist. Brian broke the kiss and began to kiss her neck as he found a pace. Sara
threw her head back and moaned as Brian and she moved together.

She could feel Brian's breath on her neck and sweat falling off his face and landing in her
neck. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as Brian quickened the pace and began to
slam into her harder.

Sara and Brian's moans became louder and they both began panting for air. Sara was almost
at the point of her climax but held back and tried to wait for Brian, but the harder she
tried, the faster and harder Brian moved. Brian's breath was beginning to leave him as
he was at the brink of his climax. Sara felt Brian's body tense and let out a breath of
relief because she had held back so long, she was starting to ache. Brian lifted his hips
and slammed down into Sara causing them both to lose any composure they had left.

Thunder crash outside and inside as they came together.

Brian fell onto Sara and rested his head on her chest as he caught his breath. Sara stroked his
matted hair on the back of his neck gently as he rested.

"Thank you," was all she could say.

"Trust me. It was my pleasure," he said holding her.

Sara smiled to herself and closed her eyes.

"I love you Brian," she whispered.

"I love you too."

Sara's eyes flew open and she sat up in bed. She looked around and tried to get her thoughts
back together.

"Wow," she thought. "That was awesome."

She looked around the room and saw the sunlight beaming through the window. She glanced
over at all the burnt out candles and at her sleeping Brian.

She caressed his back as she looked at the clock. 6:45 AM. She was about to lie back down
until her eye caught the only candle still light in the room.

She got out of bed and walked over to it. She made a wish for her and Brian and with one
puff, the flame was gone. Sara watched the black smoke swirl into the air before she got
back in the bed.

She slid closer to Brian who wrapped his arms around her in his sleep and buried his
sleeping face in her neck. Sara smiled, wrapped her arms around Brian, and began to
fall asleep after she said to herself, "I wonder when I'm gonna go get my car..."


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