Chapter 4B

     Kevin said, "we're here!"  "Those clothes have to go." 
When Kevin put her down on the ground, she noticed the
chair in the middle of the room.  Before she could
realize it, they guys had stripped her of her shirt,
bra, pants, underwear, shoes and socks.  Howie pushed
her down onto the chair.  She looked up at Howie and
noticed his attire and his hair.  She LOVED when he
wore it like that.  With a smile, she said, "well D, I
see you've gone a little bad, huh?"  He responded by
slapping her across the face with the back of his
hand.  She gasped and tears started to well up in her
eyes as her cheek started to sting.  She looked at him
and said, "what the hell was that for?"  He slapped
her again.  He said, "these are the rules.  First, no
talking unless given permission_Second, no trying to
escape or it'll just get worse_and Third, follow
instructions.  If you violate ANY of these rules, you
will be punished.  Is that understood?"  "What the
hell is wrong with you, D?"  Howie looked at Kevin,
who was sitting on the bed on the other side of the
room and said, "I don't think she understands.  Should
we make it clearer for her?"  Kevin said, "sure".
Howie picked the naked Amber up and placed her on the
bed.  Kevin stood on the right side of the bed and
Howie walked over to the dresser against the wall.  He
picked up an item off of the top of it and headed
towards her.  Kevin stroked the side of her face and
kissed her forehead.  He said, "you'll learn to
cooperate.  I'm sure of it."  Without warning, Howie
cracked the whip across her stomach, just missing
Kevin.  She howled in pain as an angry welt started to
show on her stomach.  Kevin said, "now that just won't
do.  You're gonna make me deaf, girl".  He placed a
gag in her mouth and sat down to watch Howie whip her.
Howie hit her 4 more times on the stomach with the
whip.  She would scream into the gag each time but it
only came out muffled.  Howie stopped, leaned over her
and ran his tongue over the welts he had caused.  At
first it stung but then it felt much better.  His
thick warm tongue running along her flesh was driving
her crazy.  She tried to stifle the moan that was
welling up in her throat but the gag just enhanced the
moan and Howie smiled up at her.  He said, "now are
you gonna be good and cooperate?"  She nodded "yes".
He said, "good!  Kev come on over here and let's get
started".  Howie removed the gag and handcuffs as
Kevin lay down next to Amber on the bed.  He pulled
her on top of him and turned her so that they were in
the 69 position.  Howie took off his pants, got on the
bed and straddled Kev's legs, facing Amber.  When he
was down on his knees, he grabbed Amber's face and
thrust his erection towards her mouth.  She tried to
get her face out of his grip but he was stronger than
she was.  Kevin saw her resisting and plunged his
tongue into her womanhood.  As soon as she cried out,
Howie plunged his hardened member into her mouth.  He
said, "if you bite me, I'm gonna have to punish you
again.  Now suck!"  She figured she had no choice so
she started sucking on Howie's cock.  Kevin continued
to plunge his tongue into her womanhood, twirling it
around in circles.  She moaned into Howie's cock and
it sent shivers up his body.  Kevin licked and bit a
little on her clit.  She arched her back, deep
throated him and grabbed Howie's balls, one in each
hand.  She started to massage them as Kevin continued
to please her.  Howie couldn't take it anymore and
while screaming her name, "AAMMBBEERR!!", he spilled
his seed into her mouth.  She swallowed all of what he
had to offer.  Kevin bit down on her clit and her
release came moments after Howie's.  After Howie
pulled himself out of her mouth, Kevin still kept her
in place while he lapped up her remaining juices.
When Kevin was finished he said, "I knew that you
would taste good everywhere."  He slapped her on her
butt and pushed her off of him.  Howie said, "I have
another idea".  Kevin got up off of the bed and
watched as Howie lay down next to Amber.  Howie picked
her up and impaled her onto his, once again, hardened
member.  She screamed out because she wasn't ready for

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