Chapter 4A

   The next day was spent relaxing around Howie's house
and making a trip to the local mall.  While at the
mall, Kevin would watch Amber and wonder if she was
wearing underwear and a bra.  He didn't understand how
she could walk around with no bra and no underwear on
the day before when it was pretty cold outside.  He
wasn't' complaining, though.  She caught him staring
at her a couple times and just grinned at him.  She
noticed that Howie had been a little quiet and made a
mental note to talk to him later.

    They returned to Howie's house and Kevin said, "why
don't we go relax in the basement?"  Amber said with a
laugh, "I don't think D wants me to go in it.  He has
a torture chamber down there or something".  Kevin
smiled and looked at Howie.  Howie just shrugged and
said, "let's go".  They all walked down into the
basement.  Amber said, "this is what you didn't want
me to see?"  Howie and Kevin just laughed.  The
basement was a game room.  There was a pool table,
dartboard with darts, a TV.  The TV had a cable box
and a Nintendo 64.  There was a bar, also, in the
corner of the room.  The hanging blanket against the
right wall did catch her eye.  She wondered why he
would hang a blanket on a wall.  The 3 of them played
pool, darts, and cards for a while.  They had drinks
throughout their games.  After Amber's 5th margarita,
Kevin's 3rd gin and tonic and Howie's 2nd rum and
coke, the guys decided to play another game.  Howie
said, "hey Ambs, do you remember how we would always
play hide and seek?"  "Yep, you would never find me.
I'm the champion."  He laughed and said, "do ya wanna
play now?"  She raised one eyebrow and said, "I'd get
lost in this mansion of yours."  He replied, "well
here's the deal.  You go and hide for about 30
minutes.  If we find you, then we do what we want with
you.  If we don't find you after 30 minutes, then, you
can do what you want with us.  What do ya think?"  She
laughed and said, "you're joking right?  I can do
ANYTHING I want with both of you?"  "That's right."
An evil grin spread across her face and she said, "let
the games begin".  "Great!  Now go and hide Ambs.  One
condition, you have to stay in the house."  "That's
fine.  I'm not going out there in the dark by myself."

      She took off for the stairs and ran straight to the
third floor.  She remembered a small room with a
leopard scheme.  She wanted to wait there just in case
Kevin found her and they could have fun.  She waited
patiently, knowing that they wouldn't find her.  What
she didn't know was that, they already knew where she

     Kevin and Howie, immediately, turned on the
surveillance camera, which followed Amber.  As she
came up on the monitor, Howie said, "how'd I know she
would head for the leopard room".  "Yeah, I think it
was a given," said Kevin with a grin.  "So, Kev, do ya
wanna go get her or should I?"  Kevin said, "why don't
I go get her, you can get changed and the room set
up".  "Alright."  Kevin walked out of the room and
practically ran up the stairs to the third floor.  He,
quietly, opened the door and saw that she had her back
to him.  He, immediately, grabbed her arms and pulled
them behind her.  She jumped but when she realized it
was Kev, she said, "so you wanna get kinky, huh?"  He
said nothing and just snapped handcuffs onto her
wrists.  She continued, "so you DO wanna get kinky.
Well, Kevy, bring it on."  He whispered close to her
ear, "oh I plan to".  He slung her over his shoulder
and walked back down to the basement.  When he entered
the basement, he looked around for Howie, as he
turned, Amber could see that the blanket on the wall
had been moved exposing a door.  She thought, 'DAMN,
does he REALLY have a torture chamber in there?'
Kevin turned around again and headed for the hidden
room.  Once inside, he called out Howie's name and
Howie emerged out of the bathroom.  He was wearing no
shirt or shoes, black leather pants and black leather
gloves.  His hair was out of the usual ponytail and
hanging long and curly just below his neck.

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