Chapter 3B

   Howie walked in and said, "hey, Ambs, I just thought
that I'd give you your bags before I left".  "Thanks,
D."  "No problem!"  He left again, but this time,
Kevin and Amber didn't move until they heard his car
drive off.  They, immediately, grabbed each other
again and kissed each other deeply.  Kevin's hands
went to the back of her top and unzipped it.  Amber's
hands went up under Kevin's sweater and pulled it up
over his head and threw it on the floor.  She pulled
her own shirt off and threw it with Kevin's shirt.
His kisses moved to the newly uncovered flesh of her
collarbone.  Her nails raked up and down his back as
he sucked and licked on her collarbone.  He moved his
warm mouth down to her breasts.  He nibbled on each
nipple, then, placed his mouth over her left breast
taking in as much as possible.  She arched her back as
she felt his warm mouth surrounding her breast and
then his tongue circle her breast.  He did the say for
her right breast.  He unzipped the back of her pants
and pulled them down.  He was surprised yet intrigued
that she wasn't wearing any underwear.  She unbuckled
his belt, threw it on the floor and unbuttoned his
jeans.  He pulled his jeans off and started to lie
Amber down on the couch when she moved and started to
run down the hall.  He said, "Hey!"  She laughed and
just ran until he caught her from behind and pulled
her close to his chest.  He whispered in her ear, "so
that's how you wanna play?"  "Oh yeah!"  He pushed her
up against the wall and entered her roughly.  Although
she was already soaking wet, she cried out from his
size and how roughly he entered her. She wrapped her
legs around his waist and he began to thrust in and
out of her slowly.  She wrapped her arms around his
neck and said, "harder_faster_Kev_" He complied all
too eagerly with her command and began thrusting
harder and faster.  He was thrusting so hard that her
back and ass were rubbing up against the wall.  She
didn't care; all she cared about were the feelings he
was causing her to experience.  He licked from the
bottom of her neck to just under her ear and
whispered, "you taste so good".  He, lightly, sucked
on her earlobe and that was all it took to send her
over the edge.  When her walls clutched his erection
and he heard her scream his name, his release quickly
followed.  He yelled her name into her neck.  They
stayed completely still as they tried to regain their
breathing.  Amber whimpered a little when Kev pulled
out of her but smiled when he picked her up and
carried her upstairs.

    By the time, Howie came back, Amber had showered and
changed clothes.  Kevin had gotten dressed and was
sitting in the living room.  When Howie walked in the
door and saw Kev sitting there, he knew what had
happened.  Yeah, Kevin's hair was always tousled but
it looked even more tousled since Howie had left.  He
just shook his head and walked into the kitchen.  He
told Kevin to call Amber and tell her that the food
was here.  All three of them ate and watched movies
the rest of the night.  Amber was tired from the trip
and her encounters with Kevin so, she went to bed a
little early.  Howie didn't ask Kevin about what
happened he only said, "are you ready for tomorrow
night?"  Kevin replied, "yep", and that was that.

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