Chapter 3A

She watched him closely as he walked into the living
room.  She didn't know if it was the way he walked or
his deep, sexy voice but something about him just
stirred up this feeling in her.  This_"urge" to grab
him and just_  Her thoughts were interrupted when
Howie said, "hey Ambs, come over here and meet my
friend".  She moved from the hallway back into the
living room and connected eyes with the tall
dark-haired man that stood at 6'1" tall.  The first
thing she noticed was his height, of course and then
those mesmerizing, emerald green eyes.  They locked on
her brown eyes and she felt her breath leave her body.
He was wearing a black jacket with a black sweater,
blue jeans and black boots.  As she scanned him with
her eyes, he did the same to her.  He thought that she
was pretty, especially with all that leather on.  She
didn't even realize that she was making her interest
in him so obvious until Howie said, "Damn, Ambs, drool
much".  She glared at Howie then, turned back to the
guy, who had yet to be introduced.  The guy said, "I
guess D is gonna be rude and not introduce us".  With
an extended hand he continued, "my name is Kevin".
She thought, 'that's it?'  She found it hard to
believe that this incredible beauty before her could
have such a simple name like Kevin.  She felt the
electricity run throughout her body as she shook his
hand.  She, finally, found her voice and said, "I'm
Amber".  He replied, "it's nice to meet you, Amber".
With a sexy smile and look, she replied, "I'm sure the
pleasure is all mine, Kevin".  He smiled and kissed
the back of her hand before letting it go.  Howie
sensed and saw the attraction between his two friends.

    A twinge of jealousy started growing within him.  He
shook his head and thought, 'I asked Kev to come over
and help.  It's good that they are getting along.
It'll make tomorrow night go a lot easier.'

After removing all of their jackets, they settled down
into the living room to talk.  They talked about how
Amber and Howie had been the best of friends, Howie's
successful real estate business and Amber's success as
a fashion designer in New York.  Kevin talked about
him being a pilot, his friendship with Howie and
various other things.  Amber and Kevin realized that
they had a lot in common.  Out of the blue, Kevin
said, "so is that the only tattoo you have?"  She
glanced at her upper left arm, where he was pointing,
and said, "no".  He continued, "Can I see it a little
better?"  She pulled her sleeve up a little more and
the panther down her arm was in full view.  Howie
walked over to the couch and looked at her tattoo.  He
said, "nice tattoo, Ambs".  "Thanks, D."  As Howie
walked back over to his chair, Kevin leaned close to
her and whispered in her ear, "when do we get to see
the others?"  A grin spread across her face and she
whispered in return, "when I want you to see them".
He looked at her and she wiggled her eyebrows at him.
Howie noticed them talking and those little stares and
gestures they would give each other.  He decided to
give them some time to themselves and said, "I'm gonna
go pick up a pizza, alright".  Kev tore his eyes away
from Amber and said, "do you want me to go with you,
D?"  "Nah, I'll get it myself.  Just stay and keep
Ambs company until I get back, alright."  "Will do!"
With that, Howie grabbed his jacket and car keys and
headed out the door.  Amber didn't hesitate when she
heard the door close.  She pounced on Kevin who was
sitting on the opposite end of the couch.  She kissed
him deeply and ran her hands over his chest.  Kevin
was a little surprised at first but, then surrendered
to her.  Their tongues found entrance to each other's
mouth and they sucked happily on the other's tongue.
Amber was pushing up his sweater when she heard
Howie's keys in the door.  She jumped off of Kevin and
sat back on her side of the couch.

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