Part 1

The three women stepped through the gate to Cell Block 'BSB' this was going
to be their home for the next week. Cell block 'BSB' was a special wing
which had been added to the normal prison, but it was for difficult cases
for the type of woman who had no respect for authority, and who needed
taming and putting back in their place. 'BSB stood for 'Bad Slutty Bitches'

Bertha the guard who had lead them there shut the gate behind them and then
locked it and started walking away leaving them locked in and alone inside the giant

Sherri wondering where she was going yelled to Bertha through the locked
bars,....."hey bitch..where are you going, what are we supposed to do now...?"

The guard turned back round and snickered.."you'll see...." she continued back
to the normal part of the prison, glad that these troublesome bitches were
going to be taken care of....

Kat was chewing on some gum standing with her hand on some hips.."hey maybe
we just get this whole wing to ourselves, with no guards or anything..."

Joy grinned.."hey cool, we can have a wild time with none of the guards
around to yell at us, this is gonna be a blast..come on lets go and have
a look around.."

Sherri giggled.."the other inmates don't know what their missing.."

The three women took off excitedly wondering what all the fuss was about,
everyone in the prison spoke of wing BSB with fear, and they had told
Kat, Sherri and Joy repeatedly that they should keep out of trouble for
fear of being sent there for punishment. But unfortunately for the
three women, they were strong willed and didn't take too kindly to
advice. Instead their actions landing 7 days in this special wing.

In Another part of the wing in the 'BSB' office....
Warden Howard Dorough sat in his big leather chair with his four colleagues
Kevin Richardson, Alexander 'AJ' Mclean, Brian Littrell and Nickolas Carter..
all seated around, the were looking at the three girls files and watching
them as they ran wild around the wing on the big CCTV...

Howie.."okay the one with the Auburn hair......her name is Kathy Lee, this
isn't her first time in prison, she has been inside many time before..."

Kevin looked at the pretty woman as she bounced on one of the beds in
a cell testing its firmness..."very what she in for..?"

Howie"she's a prostitute, she was caught banging some guy in a public
place in broad daylight, and then when the cops tried to arrest her
she thumped him one, she is real feisty..."

Kev laughed.."I take it thats the reason she got sent to this wing..her

Howie nodded.."yep, she slugged old Bertha in the gut with her elbow.."

Kev"and why did she do that..?"

Howie.."Bertha was trying to get her to make her bed but Miss Lee refused
and decided to get violent.."

Kevin chuckled..."hmmmm...she does sound in need of some taming...."

Nick"what about the one with the long brown hair..?" Nick looked at
his file..."Sherri..?"

Howie"she was arrested for grevious bodily harm on her boyfriend
apparently, she caught him sleeping with her best friend, so she whacked
him over the head with a frying pan, the poor guys had to have 8 stictches
in his head. The judge showed no mercy on Miss Lang and sentenced her
to 6 weeks in prison. Unfortunately, ever since she has arrived, she
has shown no respect for the way things are run or for authority, she
ignores everything she is told to do, so the establishment thought we
might be able to do something with her..."

Nick raised his brows as he watched her talking to the other two girls..."she
looks so sweet....but I guess looks are deciving huh.."

AJ"and what about the last girl, the one with the curlyish hair..?"

Bri"yeah she is cute, whats she in for..?"

Howie laughed.."this girl is a grade A stalker, she has been hounding this
guy Joe McIntyre for the longest time, the police finally
caught up with her and this Joey pressed charges, she was given 10
months in prison, but unfortuantely like the other two she has shown
no signs of conforming to prison way of life, she seems to think she
is too good to be mixing with such criminals, this girl has got a
definate problem, and she needs her ass putting in place right away..."

AJ laughed.."well from the sounds of things they all do..."

Brian grinned.."well they have been sent to the right long
are they with us for..?"

Howie" 7 days..."

Kevin grinned.."ohh...they are not gonna know what hit em...."

Howie shuffled the files and then stood up..."by the time we are finished
with them they are never gonna gonna put a foot out of line again.."

Howie picked up the hat that went with his uniform and placed it on his
head..."shall we go and make our pressence felt gentlemen, get these
bitches in line..?"

All the guys nodded as they followed Howie out and started walking
out to find the women

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