~*~ Chapter 2 ~*~

Janis slowly made her way through the huge crown of people finally reaching a
clearing. She looked around for Kevin, but didn't see him anywhere. "I'll just
wait for him. He should be here soon." She thought to herself. She put her bag
down and tied her jacket around her waist.

Kevin stopped to look at the crowd in from of him. Janis was no where to be
found so he turned to wait on the side. He turned his head, and saw Janis
standing by the railing. Kevin couldn't hold his excitement any longer, so he
called to her.
"Bugar!!" Kevin said with a wide smile on his face.
"Suction!!" Janis yelled back
They ran to each other with their arms wide open.
"Oh, God, I missed you so much!!" Janis said trying not to cry
"Not as much as I've missed you" Kevin replied.
Janis could feel small tears forming as they let go, and looked at Kevin. The
tears got stronger when she saw tears in Kevin's eyes.
"Look at us," Kevin said "I never thought I'd be crying for happiness!"
"Me either" Janis laughed
"C'mon, lets go get your bags, and hit the road."
Kevin led her down to baggage claim to get her suit case, then headed to the
"This is your car?" Janis said staring wide eyed at his Toyota 4-Runner.
"Yup, this is my baby!!" Kevin said
"Ohhh you're starting to irritate me already!!"
Kevin laughed while opening the door for her. He sat down and put his seat belt
"You still hung up on Toyota 4-Runner's Bugar?" He asked
"Yes, and I'm incredibly jealous of you right now!"
"Aawww, thanks" He remarked
Janis gave him a cold grin. Half of the ride remained quiet. They didn't know
what to say to each other after being away for so long. "So, are you ready to
meet the fellas?" Kevin asked breaking the silence
"Yup, I've heard a lot about them!!"
"Well, they've heard quite a bit about you too, and they can't wait to see what
I'm talking about!!!"
"You talk about me?"
"Yah, but most of the time they ask me questions, so I have no choice but to
talk about you" Kevin said sarcastically
"Well, I guess that's excusable"
"Don't worry, it's all good stuff!"
"It's better be!!" They both smiled at each other
"We're here! This is B-Rock's house."
"Oh, sorry..... I mean Brian's house."
Janis nodded... "It's huge!!" She cried
"Wait till you see the inside..." Kevin warned...
Just as they took a step forward, the front door opened.
"Honey, you're home!!" Brian said and he walked toward them
"Yes, my love!" Kevin said jokingly....Brian laughed as he approached Janis.
"Hi, I'm Brian. You must me Janis otherwise Kevvy here is screwed!"
"Yeah, I'm Janis." She laughed. Janis could tell already that she and Brian were
going to get a long great.
"It's nice to finally meet you Janis... Come on in!! The other's are waiting for
Brian led Janis inside. When the entered the door, Nick and Howie were sitting
at the kitchen counter. They turned their heads not knowing who had arrived. As
soon as they saw Janis, a light finally flickered in their heads...
"Hey!" Howie said making his way to her
"Janis, right?" He asked, with Nick behind him.
"Yah." she said calmly.
"I'm Howie D... this is Nick"
"Hi" Nick said quietly
"Hi... nice to meet you ." Janis replied
"Did you guys have trouble finding each other?" Brian asked as he took Janis'
"Nope, not really. He was just running a little late... weren't ya Kevvy." Janis
remarked playfully.
"Hey, you're lucky I even got my little tush there man. I was even scared to get
into my car because I was so nervous!"
"Yeah, me and AJ had to shove him out the door" Nick added
"Speaking of which, where is AJ?? I thought he'd be the first one out the door?"
Kevin said
"He's probably changing. He wanted to look good when he met Janis."
Howie answered.
They all gave each other weird looks as AJ made his way through the hall. He
came to a sudden halt when he come into view of all his friends.
"Woah!!.....uuuhhh... she.... uuummm.... you're home!!!! I didn't even hear the
car" Aj stuttered while trying to keep himself calm. He was dying to meet Janis.
Kevin introduced them with a big smile
"Hi!" AJ said
"Hi!" Janis replied softly
They stood there staring at each other for a couple of seconds until Kevin
noticed it got too quiet
"OK!!! Come on sweets, I'll give to you royal tour!"
Kevin grabbed Janis' hand and led her down the hall, trying to hold in his
AJ moved and let them pass. Putting his hand to the back of his head, he made
his way through the guys. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass or water
guzzling it down in 2 seconds, then lightly setting it down on the counter. He
put both hands on the counter, and tried to catch his breath.
"Took your breath away, didn't she?" Nick asked
"We hear ya dude!! She's fine!!" Howie added
"Really..... haven't noticed!! AJ said sarcastically.
"Somebody's in love" Brian added, then followed Kevin and Janis.

About 6 months ago, AJ found a picture in Kevin's room. It was of Janis. He had
heard a lot about her from Kevin, and all he wanted to do was get closer. He was
amazed at how much they had in common. It was like a perfect match. He fell in
love with her personality and who she was. When her saw the other sid of this
person, there was no stopping his feelings. He found out everything he could
through Kevin, which made him fall deeper. Not a day went by without thinking of
her. When he heard about the chance to get even closer, nothing could bring him
down. He was overwhelmed with feelings he had never felt before, and it was only
the beginning.

After giving Janis the tour of the house, they met up with everyone else
"Oh my God... there's a pool too?!?!?!?" Janis said in amazement.
"Yup!! And a hot tub!" Brian pointed and looked back at Janis lifting his
eyebrows. Janis smiled.
"Do you like the house?" Howie asked.
"Do I like the house... I love it!!" Janis said
"I actually own it," Brian said, "But we all have a room here. It was AJ's idea"
Brian explained
"It makes it a lot easier when we get to come home from tours and stuff." AJ
said looking straight into Janis' eyes... as if to look through her.

Back inside, after Janis was settled in, they sat at the kitched counter on the
stools. They all got their drinks and started talking asking and answering
questions. The guys wanted to learn everything about Janis to see what Kevin has
been bragging about for the past years. They all feel in love with her after the
first half hour. They adored her.
AJ's mind was going crazy. He wouldn't believe what was sitting before him.
Kevin was right, everything got to him. The simple words she used, the gestures
she made, her humor, the way she made facial expressions. Everything she said or
did make him fall in love with her. It was like love at first sight. The moment
he saw her, he never stopped wanted to know about her and be with her forever.
As time flew by, they talked abd laughed, told jokes, and old stories, and got
closer by the minute.
Howie started complaining about being hungry. The others nocied their stomach's
starting to growl as well.
"Let's go out to eat guys!" Brian suggested, as he put his glass in the sink.
"Yah, I'm starving!" Howie yelled, once again.
They all agreed to go out to eat, so they got ready. They didn't want to go
anywhere fancy, so they just when to a pizza place. They sat there eating and
talking even more.
"You know what we should do?" Nick asked looking at everyone
"What?" Kevin responded
"We, should go swimming!! We should go home, and hop in the pool!"
"I'm up for it!!" Howie said
"Yea, me too!!" Brian added
"Janis?" Kevin asked
"Ok!!" Janis answered
They all agreed and headed home. AJ was gettin nervous. He was about to see the
girl of his dreams, that he just met 4 hours ago, in a swimsuit!! All he kept
thinking about was what he would do or what he would say.... How would he act?
All her could do for the moment was wait......

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