~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~

Janis stood in the tub, ringing out the remaining water from her hair. Her
body shivered from the cold air rushing against her. Janis moved to put the
towel around her, when she hears a ring coming from the phone. She swings the
door open, and runs to the cordless phone.

"Hello?" Janis asked.
"Hey sweets, long time no talk!!"
"Oh my God, Kevin.... HI!!!" Janis screamed.... "It's been what, a month since I
talked to you??" Janis asked..
"Yeah I know" Kevin said with a sigh "It's just that I've been so busy. Last
night we actually got more than 4 hours of sleep.... actually it was only 1/2 an
hour more but hey, any extra minutes we get, we'll take." "Aaawww, you poor
things!!! You must be hangin'." Janis couldn't help but to let a little laughter
out. Even if she did feel bad for her best friend.
"Oh yeah, we're definitely hangin'." Kevin said..
"Wait, let me guess, short, shriveled, and to the left.." Janis said giggling.
"Well, kinda, AJ's been more to the right though.. he hasn't been the same in
more than six months..." Kevin said trying not to laugh..
"Why what's wrong?" Janis asked concerned
"I can't get into that right now... but I have something else to tell ya" Kevin
"Oh, and what's that??"
" Well, we finally have a 4 week vacation starting next week, and the guys were
wondering if they could finally get to meet you. So can you come to Florida??"
Janis gasped in surprise at the words she just heard. She let out a loud screech
as she jumped back in excitement, not knowing the edge of the bed was close
behind her. She hit the ground with a hard thump, dropping the phone as well.
She quickly picked herself up, and grabbed the phone. "Are you serious????"
Janis asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, uumm what just happened?" Kevin asked
"Nothing!" Janis answered quickly
"Uh-huh... yeah right..." Kevin answered
"Ok, ok, I fell of the bed. I can't believe I'm finally gonna get to see you..."
Janis explained
"I know, so you're coming to Florida right?? You're coming to Florida, you have
to come to Florida, I'm gonna make you come to Florida!!" Kevin said trying not
to laugh...
"Of course I'm coming stupid!! You must think I'm dumb to turn something like
this down!!!" Janis screamed...
"Well, you never know, I haven't seen you in a while.. your noodles could have
gotten mixed up!"
"Oh shut up!!!" Janis said laughing.

Janis and Kevin both sat there laughing and talking for at least an hour. Janis
and Kevin haven't seen each other in 2 years.... they've been best friends for a
really long time. Janis knew Kevin wanted to start a career in singing, and
she'd promised to stick by him no matter what. When Kevin finally got his chance
he felt horrible that he had to leave her behind. But the never lost touch. They
remained as close as they ever were. Janis never really got a chance to meet the
other guys of the band. She had only seen pictures, and watched them on TV. Once
she got to talk to Howie, but that was it. She took a particular liking in AJ.
From all that Kevin has told her, and from what she read, he was perfect. Now
she would have the chance to see what he's like in an everyday life, and it made
her incredibly excited, besides the fact that she was going to see her best

~*~ 3 Days Later ~*~

Kevin called Janis to reassure her on the plans. Making sure they both knew
everything, from the time of arrival to the clothes they would be wearing.
Missing each other at the airport is the last thing they would want to do. After
everything was clear, Janis was on her way to the airport. The whole way to
Florida seemed to take hours. Janis couldn't wait to open her arms and throw
them around Kevin. She missed him so much. Before she knew it, the doors opened,
and she was led out of the plane..... 1
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