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      * Breeding Goldens with Winning Ways *  
  Aus Champion Cambronze Regina Flame CD TD ET NRD our foundation bitch, who simply lights up our lives!  
  Golden Retrievers have been an integral part of our family for over 35 years -we can't image life without them. Together we enjoy  
    long walks in the bush ,  
    runs along the beach and swimming,  
    as well as attending dog shows and retrieving trials.  
  At other times our dogs just laze in the garden, are groomed and cuddled lots.    
  Located at thefoot of the Adelaide hills, we are hobby breeders committed to producing dogs of a high standard. All breeding stock has hereditary disease clearance certificates.

Being licensed to Judge Gundogs and as President of the Retrieving and Field Trials Club of SA, we understand what makes a really good all-round Golden Retriever- for show, working or as a family pet.
        We aim is to produce pups which
- are strong and healthy
- have steady temperaments
-conform to the Breed Standard
-maintain working ability.

We are planning a litter for Springtime, 2006.  If you would like a Bournbeau puppy and believe that you can provide it the best of canine care, please contact us.
  Introducing some of Flame's off-spring...  
Aus Grand Champion Bournbeau Flames Feature QC
First bitch in South Australis to win the prestigious title of GRAND Champion.  Also  Winner of Golden Retriever Club of SA's Top Golden Retriever Award for 2003 and 2004, Best of Breed winner at the Adelaide Royal Show just three days after her third birthday and Best of Breed at the GRCof SA's Open Show against a record entry.
Bournbeau Judds Hill QC

is the newest member, to follow in the family pawsteps, winning the GRC of SA's Retrieving Encouragement Award in 2004 and
Top Retrieivng Bitch in 2005.

Bournbeau Sir James  QC

Winner of the GRC of SA's
Supreme Award 2004
Top Golden across three disciplines - Showing, Obedience and Retrieving
Aus Champion Goldog Alpine Newsmaker NRD

  who is the only Golden  to win the Golden Retriever Club's Annual Dual Award    
(top showing and retrieving) three times!
You may have seen her on TV in the Holden commercial
    Three generations of our golden family,  
    Golden Retriever Club of SA
South Australian Canine Association
     Gundog Club of South Aus Inc
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