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“But, of course, that’s the latest in fashions. Only the most chic and up-do-date—Oh look at that! You’ve just become a has-been!”

—Lady Szasza Markovitch, Baroness of Vladimirov

There’s nothing like a Glantrian summer to make you feel the heat! The midsummer month of Felmont has come and gone, but the Paparazzi Glantri still has the hottest gossip and rumors for you!

Etiquette for Nobility Would you know what to do when you meet a Viscount? Could you mind your manners in the presence of a Marquis? Are you ready to come face to face with a Prince of Glantri? This is not for the weak of heart!

Etiquette for Clerics and Religion Granted, most Glantrians wouldn’t even want to broach the topic of clerics, priests, and religions. But one must learn how to deal with these undesirables, if only how to avoid and to rid of like—much like an illness or the plague.

Rumors about Klantyre It is time to venture into the foggy highlands and face the ghosts and rumors about the Kaelic people, their mysterious rulers, and their bloody past—straight from the corpse’s mouth!

Murder at the Cosmopolitan In AC 1017, the Paparazzi Glantri is witness to the assassination attempt of Princess Dolores Hillsbury of Fenswick at the Cosmopolitan Theatre. They are called to investigate the affair and uncover the truth—in their own particular scheming style.

The Midsummer Night’s Ball Yes! Princess Carnelia de Belcadiz has the most fabulous parties! And the summer season party of AC 1017 is one that is particularly memorable. Hear the account of the Paparazzi Glantri (who unlike most of you) were there!

Paparazzi Rising The first in the chronology of these tales, this story reveals how seven not-so-innocent Glantrians were gathered not-so-unknowingly to become the Paparazzi Glantri.

Paparazzi Burning In AC 1017, the Paparazzi Glantri came under fire—literally! They go undercover to find this mysterious enemy, among many, many suspects!

The Trouble With Clerics In the aftermath of the Alexander Day Massacre of AC 1017, the Paparazzi investigate the underground activities of a most hated group in Glantri: clerics!

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