Paparazzi Glantri

Liaisons Dangeureuses

“Sometimes, it’s not who you are, but who you know...”

—Noussoir du Marais, brother of Prince Malachie of Morlay-Malinbois


The Paparazzi Glantri eagerly awaits any words of praise and flattery, contributions (monetary and otherwise), and invitations to social affairs within the Principalities. Criticisms and complaints will also be accepted—and duly disposed of in a pit of black pudding. Send your correspondences here.

Web of Intrigue

No doubt, the Paparazzi has whetted your appetite and you would like to learn more of Glantri. Here are some of the cognoscenti that the Paparazzi recommends.

Glantrian Personnel Division It sounds like a department of the Glantrian bureaucracy, yes, but the GPD deals with many secrets, scandals, conspiracies, even the whole of Parliament cannot piece together. A must-see!

The Boldavian Prince For the young ingénues with romantic fantasies about the Dark Prince of Boldavia—or the utterly paranoid who believe Prince Morphail is the Master of Undeath.

Valerya’s Mystaran Dominion The foremost authority of Krondahar and Belcadiz, and an inspiration to the rest of Glantrian haute société. Look for Marta (but don’t mention Felicidad!).

Houses of Glantri Some actually prefer political facts and history from large tomes and musty libraries, instead the endless mindless chit-chat of salons and ballrooms. A visit to the Master Historian is then in order.

Agathokles’ Mystara The Thyatians have always had their thumbs in all the pies, not just in Caurenze, but the rest of the Known World as well.

The Known World Finally, something about New Kolland and the Great Crater! And coming from someone with horns, scales, fur, tusks or a snout! There is also so information about the rest of the Known World nations (as if Glantrians would care about them!)

Mercies Auction House The Paparazzi has had excellent dealings with this commendable Darokinian business. A perfect place for those with ducats to spend—or information to sell.

Tome of Mystara Although Glantri is the veritable center of the multiverse, many Glantrians would agree (albeit condescendingly) that there are a few things outside of the Principalities that are worth learning. We suggest you read this Tome (if you must!).

The Vaults of Pandius Last, and definitely not the least, for the less insular world-travelers (who would gladly suffer the mundanity of the Known World), the rest of Mystara can be visited from here.

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