The Paparazzi Glantri

“Why deal in facts and truths, when gossip and rumors are much more interesting?”

—Beatriz Dominatore of the Paparazzi Glantri

Consider this an exclusive resource for information.

The Paparazzi Glantri provides the latest in trends, gossip, rumors, intrigues, speculations and miscellany about the Principalities of Glantri. There are tidbits of information about everything Glantrian: politics, culture, society, history, personalities, magic, treasure, adventure, and much more!  And all this is presented in character—in a distinctly Glantrian character!

Now, the Paparazzi Glantri does not make the foolish assumption that all that is presented here is factual and true. In fact, the Paparazzi specializes in dealing in truths, half-truths, untruths, and everything in between. The Paparazzi does make the boast that everything presented here will be exciting, to say the least.

If it is factual knowledge one seeks, one must turn to some crummy sage, locked in a cramped room of musty old books. In the Paparazzi, everything is attractive and alive, glitzy and glamorous, fantastic, fascinating, interesting, intriguing, daring and perhaps, a bit dangerous…

“If everyone knew and believed but one version of the truth, Glantri would be such a dull place.”

—Doña Carmina de Belcadiz, Glantrian socialite

What would you want to know?

The Latest Trends Only for the trendsetters who wish to keep up with what’s new this season.

The Glitterati The personalities of the Principalities: Princes, paupers and personas non grata.

Gossip & Rumors Glantrian society thrives on speculations, lies and half-truths. Find them out for yourself. Or fabricate some of your own. Oh, and feel free to pass them around.

Anecdotes & Stories You must have at least one tale to tell if you are planning to impress. Of course, it might be more impressive if they were really true...

Glantrian Etiquette Dare you go to Glantri without knowing the first thing in rules of conduct and behavior? Definitely not for the uncouth.

Who are the Paparazzi? Get to know the Paparazzi Glantri before they get to know you.

Les Liaisons Dangeureuses The web of intrigue of the Paparazzi.

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