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CD or Vynil?
Ok, I'll start with the original scratch material - vynil. When people think of DJing they are most likely to be thinking of vynil spinning Craig David lookalikes. The pros of vynil are it is generaly cheaper than buying CD jogwheel decks, and you'll see its my favorite as this site is vynil only. It also give the best scratching sound! The cons of vynil are the costs of replacing worn styluses and cartridges, as well as the cost of buying new vynils coz the stylus has put more scrathes in it than Lisa Riley in a catfight would it can be expensive to get a good, original sound.
Now, onward to new technology, and CD jogwheel decks! They are newish technology so have the pros and cons. I don't know much about CD decks so I can't really comment but check out the great RECESS.CO.UK for more info. The cost of a good jogwheel CD deck can be in access of 300 for a single unit! But the ability to buy 30 tracks for 15 is tempting and with hardly any replacement needed and no damage to CDs done is extremly good. But frankly scarlet, it jus' don' sound right!
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