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Basic Mixing

Mixing is about your own stlye! The basic point is to make two tracks run seamlessly to make rockin' tunes or to lead up to the next song. Here is a technique I call the Basic Cross-Mix. It's used to lead to the next song. As the first track is about 40secs from the end cue up the record (goto RECESS.CO.UK and check out the beat patterns section). Start the second track with a baby scratch (see Basic Scratching) and gradualy slide the cross fader half way in between 100% CH1 and 50% the volume of CH1 and CH2 should be up full. Gradually fade the volume of CH1 to 75% followed by sliding the crossfader gradually to 50% then CH1 volume GRADUALLY down to 25% and finally (one last gradually) fade the crossfader to 100% CH2. The thing to rember about the basic cross mix is everything is gradual! Don't rush it! Another E-Z mix (this should really be in the scratch section) is the basic scrach in mix. When the first track is about 50 secs left. Begin a slow fade to CH2 on the X-Fader while slowly baby scratching the second track begin to make the baby scratches bigger througout the fade. When the X-Fader is 100% on CH2 give a big stab scratch can tada, you've done the basic scratch mix (for information on baby scratches and stab scratches goto the basic scratching section). For further info on mixing check out our advanced mixing section or RECESS.CO.UK!
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