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Guess what...Keith is in married now!

More stuff when I have time.
Well, as you all well know, college student = broke. I am almost finished with my second V8 swap!

A Unique S10.
Attached is a photo of William Prince's UNIQUE 85 S10 4X4 SCCA E-Modified Autocross Truck, the first truck and definitely the first 4X4 ever built for the E-Modified class! It is mid-engined smallblock Chevy V8, 350 turbo trans & 207C transfer case, 32" setback and lowered 14" down between the frame. The truck chassis is also lowered about 14". Complete with a full S.C.O.R.E. / SCCA legal Full Roll Cage, the truck weighs in at 2080 lbs, the weight distribution is EXACTLY 50%/50% diagonals, 49%+/50%+ sides, and 51+/48%+ front/rear! The current engine is a 305 with cam and goodies (my new 350 had a seriouys problem so the 305 is only temporary). For details go to his website and read the S10 4X4 Construction Pages (14 of them followin construction form day one since Sept 2001). Hope you like it. It was constructed mostly with a LOT of ingenuity/innovation and parts/materials he had on hand for the most part. William Prince Las Vegas, Nv (702)248-4183 Email: wprince@wprince.com LVR Solo II SUPERSITE: http://www.wprince.com Solo II Worker of the Year 2001
LVR OSP Champion 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 - 2nd Place BSP 2000 - 1st Place Super Production 1996 LVR Open 2 Wheel RallyCross Champion 1999 2000 LVR SM Champion 2001 CRS RallyCross Group 2/5 Champion 2000

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