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Hey, here are some sites I found some very useful info from, do me a favor, tell them where you saw the link (It makes them feel good).

Favorite Sites
Pics of a GTA rear conversion Ever wondered what it would take to make your blazer a 4 wheel disc brake setup?
Yahoo V8 S-truck Ring
Good source for hoods
LT-4 Blazer's page
Customize the wheels on your blazer! Okay, the color is nasty, but other than that...
Car Shop Inc. V8 S-truck Engine-swap Parts Site
S-10 4x4's Vin Decoder S-truck VIN Decoder
Rear Axle Calculator A Very Useful Tool
S-10 Planet Comprehensive S-truck Website
Mickey Flynn's Supercharged Blazer Supercharged Blazer Page (how-to)
V8 S-10 Page V8 S-10 Page (truck for sale)
A page dedicated to S-10s text
S-10 Mods and Tricks S-10 Mods and Tricks

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