my name is Peter Loedden, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, psychic healer, photographer, stained glass artist and beeswax chandler, practicing in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

There are no accidents in this universe,

and you are here for a reason. You are looking for information on Reiki and that you will have. Of course, what you then do with that information on those pages is entirely up to you. Since you are still here, I invite you to read those pages carefully and give it some time to absorb, it may change your views on a number of things in your search.

Reiki. Here I will not go into a detailed discussion of what Reiki is, it's history, etc, numerous other web sites are doing a good job of it. I will give only a brief intro to Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese word, consisting of two syllables; Rei and Ki. Rei has been traditionally translated as Universal, Ki is the Life Energy. Now we have Universal Life Energy. In the past few years, with the advance of better understandings of traditional Japanese words, we have come to understand the word Rei not as Universal, but as

Spirit, Universal Spirit or Deity

Now we have something like Spiritual Guided Life Force Energy, which may be plain semantics, but there is a big difference. Universal may mean very little, but Spiritual Guided takes on an altogether new dimension.

Now let me point you to the net and maybe you have searched a number of Reiki sites already and come away with a feeling of confusion about the different forms, some different teachings and some rather strong statements from Reiki Masters, claiming that theirs is the only one and true and complete and most advanced Reiki system there is, quoting Grandmasters, techniques, inspirations, revelations and so forth, one is better than the other and they are letting you know this.

Reiki is spiritual guided life force energy.

Reiki is healing

and spiritual guided life force energy is life force energy guided by God. Whatever you may call your God. There is only one, and I hope that's OK with you.

Reiki has been around since the dawn of time, it has been with mankind since our creation and given as a gift of God. Of course, it had different names throughout the ages, but that is rather unimportant. As with many things in our history, it got lost a few times, communication was not always as it is today, records were not kept, floods and famines wiped out whole tribes and races of peoples over the millions of years of our existence.

And yes, it was re-discovered by Dr. Usui in Japan, that's why now it has a Japanese name. Unfortunately, once it reached America, it didn't take long to become a "mine is better than your's" and a money game. Nothing wrong with money, as long as you don't withhold healing due to the lack of it.

Now, where do I stand, is "my" Reiki better? I have to answer this question in a round about way. If you are truly interested or being called to be a healer or have exhibited some healing qualities, my path may be easier and may get you further.

You see, Reiki and only a few other select healing modalities are only

a stepping stone

to the bigger picture of healing, an entrance if you like. During the initiation or attunement, your body's energies are aligned or opened up, or in other words brought to "remember", how to tune in to the spiritual guided healing energy. There are three attunements at different times (maybe two at the same sitting) so your body can comfortably adjust to the increased flow of energy. Notice; flow of energy, you do not use your own energy. The symbols you learn, and maybe you have looked at them or studied them already, are only symbols. Some Reiki Masters insist that they are sacred and not to be revealed, or even printed. (This is of course in order to charge exorbitant fees for their teachings). There is room somewhere else for the discussion as to whether symbols are sacred or not, but in any case, sacred does not necessarily equate secret. And symbols are only symbols, a representation of something else; the real thing, symbols are not the real thing in themselves. So, as you grow in your stature as a healer (and I hope you understand that I use the word healer only because there is not a better one around; we are NOT healers, we are facilitators of healing) you may see that you don't need the symbols at all anymore. It may take you a few years to come to this point, but it will eventually happen when you are comfortable enough. Then you will see that it isn't Reiki which heals,

it's God in you who heals through you,

regardless which healing modality you've learned or which healing circle you subscribe to. Your whole understanding of healing will have moved a quantum leap and I am sure you will have grown spiritually as well in the process. Don't push the process, but keep at it.

Have I struck a chord? Think about it and if you are interested, let me know.

What do I charge?
USD50 for each of Level I and II,
USD75 if you take them both together
USD100 for the Master's Level.
If you are financially challenged, and only you know that, let me know, I will not stand in the way of your calling because of money.

Reiki lends itself beautifully to distance attunement and approx 10 hrs of personal coaching are included.

Pre-requisites; two books:
Essential Reiki, by Dianne Stein (you may borrow a copy, but better if you own one)
Conversations with God I, by Neale Donald Walsh (I prefer you own a copy, you may find it invaluable)

Worldwide distance healing:
For distance healing, send me an email with a brief description of your perceived problem, I may ask you a few questions and then we will set an appointed time when you can relax for about 10 to 20 minutes. I do not charge for this service, but donations are always welcome. All I ask is that you let me know of the outcome of the session.

What others say about this site and my services:
I really like your web site. I find here the special vibration which is often missed, a relationship with reality without sliding into the - sometimes even painful - esoteric.
Dr. G. Guberner, Vienna, Austria

Thank you very much, Peter. God has bestowed on you a wonderful healing gift.
M.S., Winnipeg, MB

Peter, I think you've saved my life. Thank you isn't enough!
T.P., Winnipeg, MB

A master, a guru in a million. May God keep smiling on you.
A.E., Blue Bell, PA


This web site is designed for your information. You may freely use any material from this site, provided you give credit with a link to this site and inform me of such action. Thank you.
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