Kappa Delta: I am active in the Kappa Delta Alumnae Association in Charleston, SC. For more Kappa Delta stuff, check out my Kappa Delta page.


Alpha Omicron chapter of Kappa Delta alumnae, 1998.


Movies: I enjoy classic movies, as well as art movies, and the best of the mainstream movies.  To see my list of recommendations, check out my movies page.

Theatre: I love the theatre. As a reformed actress, I patronize and support the theatre. Sunset Blvd., Crazy for You, and Showboat are three of the best musicals I have seen in New York City.  I don't count Les Miserables in this category because I didn't see Les Mis in NYC; I saw it in London in 1991 and it was the most incredible theatre experience ever!  And not just because "Marius" was gorgeous with blonde, curly hair and blue eyes!  To see my list of favorite musicals, dramas, and comedies, check out my theatre page.

Books: I am a bibliophile (a person who loves books). I like to read many types of books. To see my recommendations, check out my books page.

Politics: I started out a political science major before switching to history. As a believer in classic liberalism and laissez-faire economics, President Bush's economic stimulus package is meddlesome and unnecessarily interferes with an overall healthy economy. It's a slow down, NOT a recession.  For more of my opinions, check out my politics website.


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