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This page has links to the member's pages, links to various Texas rescue groups and shelters, links to Texas dog services and information and a message board where adoptable dog's information can be posted and where Texas' dogs can be discussed.

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"Texas Dogs" is a discussion list for people who live in Texas and either have rescued dogs they are looking for a home for or people who are looking to adopt a dog in Texas. It is also a good place to discuss the treatment of dogs in Texas and suggestions and advice on how to help our fellow Texan Canines.

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"Texas Dogs'" webring was started on February 20, 1999. This webring is for webpages about our wonderful Texas Dogs. Your webpage can be about your Texas Canine Pet or your Texas dog rescue organization, or about the Texas dogs you breed (as long as you are not a puppy mill, but are a responsible dog breeder). This webring is also for commercial sites having to do with Texas Dogs, such as trainers, groomers, cookie bakers. You get the idea......all things TEXAS DOGS. I will not allow sites that promote animal abuse or neglect in any fashion into this webring.

Texas Dogs' Webring homepages are all linked together in a circular fashion. From any Texas Dogs' Webring site one can click on a Next Site button to reach the next page in the ring. Continually doing so would eventually bring you back to where you started, after navigating the entire ring. You can get a list of the next five pages or jump to a random site in the ring......allowing one to continue in the ring when a page or system is unreachable.

If your site meets the above criteria, and you still want to join,click here now.

Please, submit the URL where you intend to place the Texas Dog's Webring Fragment.

After you have submitted your site you will receive an email confirmation. This email will instruct you to install the navigation bar.

I normally add sites to the ring three times a month, so please be patient with me.

I don't have the time to go to your page and search for the fragment. Sites with the fragment on the page submitted are the only sites that will be admitted to the ring. If you have your fragment on a webring page then submit your webring page or you may be denied to the webring. In this case you can resubmit and add the fragment to the page you submit.

Once you have submitted the form and received the confirmation email, please add the Navigation Bar. If you do not have the webring code on your page when I am ready to add your site, you may be deleted from the queue and you will need to reapply to the webring. 

So please place the fragment on THE PAGE YOU SUBMIT as soon as possible.

After your page is checked and the ring code is up, you should then receive an e-mail telling you that you've been added.   That's all there is to it. You should now be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page.

If you are already part of the Texas Dogs' Web Ring, and need to edit your site's attributes (URL, e-mail address, site description, or password),go to this url and login and then go to "My Rings" and then to Texas Dogs' Webring.

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Texas Links Links to all things Texas that relates to dogs. Kill and no kill shelters, rescue groups, services, information, lost Texas dogs and more.

Texas Dog's Email Subscriber Links. These links are to the websites of the subscribers to the list. Submit your site.

Texas Dogs' Message Board This message board is a place to post dogs that are up for adoption, find a dog to adopt and a place to discuss Texas' dogs in general.


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