Puppy Murder in Texas

There was a puppy that was about 4-6 months old living on I20 in the drainage ditches and living off of scraps along the highway between the Longview/Kilgor exit and the Kilgor 42 exit. My husband and I had stopped twice in the last month and tried to catch it. It was so cute. It looked just like a Golden Retriever mix. This dog was very wild though and didn't trust people.

The second time I tried to catch the dog I actually had it in my arms, but it went crazy and ended up biting me. I dropped it and as you will see my failure to this puppy had begun.

March 11,2000
Me, Brandie (my daughter), Ray (my daughter's boyfriend) and Kevin (mine and my husband's friend) set out on Saturday to catch this puppy that was living all alone. I bought a trap and we set it and left it. We went to eat lunch and hoped we would catch the puppy before we got back.

As we pulled back up to the area I spotted the dog. It couldn't have been in a worse place. It was in the median. Two other cars where stopped and trying to catch the little dog. They eventually went on. We sat in the truck weighing our options....knowing how dangerous this situation had just gotten.

There was fixing to be a break in the cars heading east and it looked like this was the way the dog wanted to cross. I was on the west bound side, so I got out and crossed into the median with the dog. He kept jogging forward and I was jogging forward. I was waiting for that one last car to go by and then I was going to fly at this dog and make the dog cross.

After the one car there wasn't another car to be seen for a mile. Just as the car approached us the little dog panicked and sped across the road as fast as it could. I was waving my arms to warn this car of the impending danger. The car and the dog met right at the left front wheel, the dog was slammed down to the pavement and then thrown up in the air about 8 feet high.....it then slammed down onto the side of the road where it lay dead,.....forever. It's eyes were staring directly at me as if to accuse.

I screamed and screamed. I could hear Brandie, my daughter screaming in the pickup. We had failed and we failed horribly. This tiny body that had known nothing but hunger and loneliness was dead. Only if it could have known that me and my friends were not the stealer of it's breath, but the light that could have been it's life.

I still bear the marks of it's bite as a trophy of my failure to save this poor little puppy that society had already abandoned. I will suffer for the tragic life and death this puppy had to endure. I will suffer because there are people out there who will allow litters of puppies to be born and then they will abandon them.......they will continue this unacceptable behavior for their miserable little lives. These heartless scum people will just abandon dogs and puppies out in the wild, expecting them to fend for themselves. I hate these people and I suffer for these animals.

I went to this area today to catch and bring back a little puppy that needed to know love and needed to know what it is to be warm and have plenty of food and to be healthy. Instead, thanks to a black car traveling 70 miles an hour that NEVER ONCE slowed down or hit a break, I have brought home a dead puppy in a box.....the fire is gone out of his eyes and all that is left is the accusation. I have buried this sweet little victim of society in my back yard and I have named him Tragedy. I name him this not so much for his death, but for his life and for the few fateful seconds away from a life of happiness that the little guy will never know.

To those of you who run over stray dogs with indifference........you are evil and shameful to mankind. Main Page
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