What's Eating You?

The choices that we make in our lives are often the result of decisions about ourselves that we have made in the past.  Some of these choices can relate to food, and until we make the connection between the negative decsions about ourselves and our choices regarding food, we will probably be stuck in an out-of-control relationship with food.

These negative decisions oftentimes produce feelings such as depression, anxiety, worthlessness, frustration, and anger.  If these negative feelings and/or situations do not have a way of being satisfactorily resolved, oftentimes we try to soothe or temporarily alleviate these feelings with food. 

The problem is that this is a "temporary fix", and does not offer a permanent solution.  In fact, this "temporary fix" often triggers other unpleasant feelings such as guilt. When a cycle or pattern of feelings is not dealt with, it is possible for an obsessive-compulsive behavior to develop. 

Some people attempt to deal with this out of control behavior by sporadic binging on food and purging (voluntarily disgorging) the food.  Over a period of time this can lead to a life-threatening situation called BULIMIA, and it is very serious. 

Another situation called ANOREXIA is when a person refuses to eat.  It is also life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention.  For other people, out-of-control behavior simply means consuming more food than is really needed.

If you feel that you have lost control over food and that food is controlling you, there are strategies you can learn for overcoming this problem.  With more effective coping strategies you will be able to eliminate emotional eating from your life.  A good question to ask ourselves is "WHAT IS EATING ME?"

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