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"What Is a BMI and What Does It Mean To Me?
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"Insurance Coverage For WLS"  (Weight Loss Surgery)

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"Suggested Items For Your Hospital Stay"

Personal Things to Make Your Hospital Stay for WLS More Comfortable
"The Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water After WLS"

"Why Water is So Important"
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"What Is The Ideal Weight for Your Height and Build?"

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"The Different Types of Weight Loss Surgeries"
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each"

Diagram of an RNY
Gastric Surgery For Severe Obesity

Is WLS For You?    What Are the Options?     How You Lose Weight with WLS
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Examples: Will My Insurance Cover It?     Where Will My Surgery Be Done?
How Long Will It Be Before I Can Go Back to WorK?    What About Pain Afterward?
What About Support Groups?   Is there an Age Range for WLS?

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