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Re:reyelene your welcome
Re: thenaripages--Thank you for signing my guestbook. And to the rest of you on the shout box, I allow all reviews on my guestbook; constructive criticism I prefer.
Re: thenaripages--I know ... and it's sad. It's like the apocalypse of the Internet world. Ever saw that Japanese Anime called "Gall Force" from the 1980s? That's what moments like these on webring feel like.
it seems webring is home to a lot of abandoned websites, outdated websites etc
wouldn't it be cool to see a resurgence of personal websites again..otherwise it seems our time to dominate the internet has came and gone
site loads smooth and quick no worries
Re: reyelene its a pretty quick download
Re: gregbrr--Thank you for showing me the link, BTW. I really appreciate it.
Re: gregbrr--I checked out the link. I stopped short the moment it asks to download Windows on a Mac. Before I consider that route, I'm going to see what happens when I try uploading more than one image through my hubby's PC. He's a PC person, I can work with both Macs and PCs.
Re: thenaripages--How fast does the site load up on your end? I kept my page design minimalistic-wise so that the download time for the end user would be faster.
Re; thenaripages--Ah, I see where pictures are missing. I re-uploaded them, so they should show up now. The one below is the guestbook, if you want to sign it.
on the first page it seems 2 images are not showing up or are missing
Re:reyelene your site is coming along nicely
Re; thenaripages--Absolutely! The link is: princess_reyelene.webring.com/index.html
Re:reyelene since youve been working so hard on your site...id like to check it out...whats the web address?
Re: princess-reyelene- www.imore.com/how-view-websites-your-mac-require-internet-explorer-or-pc
Re: gregbrr--Unfortunately, I don't have IE version 11, I have Safari instead. And I know there was a way to upload more than one image, but that option appeared only when I created a new page.
Someone mention using FTP awhile ago. Webring doesn't support it.
I've never used it at webring but have used it at other hosting sites
Re: reyelene you can try using ftp file transfer protocol...smartftp is an example
otherwise I'm just out of 300 points
Re: gregbrrr my membership did not update right away although my points were deducted immediately..i did email support so we'll see
Re: princess_reyelene-You can upload more than one image at a time. It depends which browser you use. Try IE version 11. Hold down the control key as you click on each file.
Oh, I do have another question ... Is there an option where I can upload more than one image at a time? If so, I would really help me A LOT. I have health concerns and can only spend limited time on something computer related.
Re: gregbrr--I do know I sometimes have a tendency to get ahead of myself and do things accidentally that I did not intend, but I'm 100% sure I did not have all the boxes checked when I went to delete the one item.
Re:gregbrr--Yes, I did check only one item, but it still deleted ALL my stuff (even the folders that I was not currently in).
Re: princess_reyelene-Click Uncheck all. Make sure you only check the file you want to delete.
Oh, I don't know if this makes any difference, but I'm on Pacific Time
I've noticed whenever I work on my site during this time of night, I delete only one item, but by doing so, it deletes EVERYTHING on my site. Why does it delete the whole thing when I only want to delete ONE item?
Re: thenaripages-does the upgrade to 2.0 membership take place right away. I redeemed my 300 points and didn't get anything.
300 points are needed
Re: thenaripages-how many points do you need to buy a 2.0 membership?
i assume its the same thing
Re: thenaripages--Is 2.0 membership the same as Premium? Or are they two different things?
just used my activity points to buy a 2.0 membership, it will be interesting to see how this goes
you can always explain that to the webring manager and re enter your website...reyelene
Re: gregbrr--Oh, thank you by the way for telling me about the broken links. That really helps me a lot when someone says something.
Re: gregbrr--Actually, it's based on the Basil of Baker Street book series by Eve Titus, but the series itself is a pastiche/parody of Sherlock Holmes.
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