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When I joined WebRing, I had recently lost my younger brother to a tragic accident. I wanted to share my grief with others who lost their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. I knew WebRing possibly had rings for grief support and I searched for it here and found several Rings to join. Through WebRing's help, my support system grew with each Ring I joined. I was no longer alone in my grief. There were others who felt the same way I did. Every day, when I checked my guestbook, there is usually an entry from someone who came from WebRing to show their support or give their sorrows over the loss.
Thanks to WebRing, I've met new people who gave me support when I needed it and I help those who are in the starting stage of their grief to create a webpage for their grief and to show to the world their loved ones and to talk out their grief.

Beth Brownell
WebRing ID: spencer_creek_studios

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